Marni for H&M

As you probably know, today marks the launch of Marni for H&M.

Marni for H&M offers a great variety of clothes and accessories, both for men and women. But beware: if you aren't a fan of patterns, then Marni might not be your favorite H&M collaboration. I myself am not really a pattern girl: I prefer simple and minimalist items. But I must say that there are some very pretty items in the Marni collection (if only in comparison with the Versace collaboration, that I didn't like at all). 

Here are my favorites:

Sweater, 179,00 CAD

Dress, 99,00 CAD

Dress, 99,00 CAD

Jacket, 199,00 CAD

Skirt, 69,95 CAD

Skirt, 99,00 CAD

Bag, 99,00 CAD

Shoes, 129,00 CAD

I so badly want this collared necklace. 
But at 25$, we all know that there won't be any left after a few hours. Booh. 
Collar, 24,95 CAD 

Bracelets, 34,95 CAD

What are your favorite Marni for H&M items? Are you going to shop Marni for H&M? If you already did, what did you buy?


Spring 2012 Trend: Peplum

This continues our series on spring trends: inspiration from spring trends, translated into affordable and accessible items, whether for a full or subtle look.

  • The look: Peplums are the essence of feminity, accentuating the curvy shape of a woman's body. It's all about the small waist and notice-me hips with this look. If you don't like to show off your curves, well peplum might not be your cup of tea. Fortunately, there are different kinds of peplums: some with just a slight curve and others with an accentuated curve. There are also different ways to do peplum. You can even manage to put some edge in this femine look, which is my favorite way to wear peplum.

  • Pair with: Because peplums add volume to the hips, you should wear something with a straight shape on the bottom, for example a pencil skirt (whether long or short) or skinny pants (or shorts). A peplum dress is really easy to wear. If you are going for a full feminine look, opt for pastel hues, delicate accessories and embrace it! But if you want to add some edge to it, think of peplums in structured fabrics (why not leather?), and add unexpected accessories: biker boots, sneakers, chunky heels, statement necklace, lots of bracelets, studs, leather jacket, boyfriend cardi, etc. 

  • Where to find: While I only looked online, I found (again) a lot of peplums at Zara. I also found some at H&M, Forever 21, Simons, Mango and Jacob, all retailers with stores in Montreal.


Also available in black.
Zara, 119,00 CAD

Forever 21, 39,80 CAD


Fun mini.
Zara, 59,90 CAD

Feminine and sexy.
Zara, 89,90 CAD


Slight peplum.
Zara, 59,90 CAD

Would look great with skinny jeans.
Zara, 59,90 CAD

H&M, 29,95 CAD

H&M, 39,95 CAD

Talk about peplum with an edge.
H&M, 129,00 CAD

Forever 21, 21,80 CAD

Simons, 25,00 CAD

Try to cinch your shirts to create a peplum-like effect. It might work!
Mango, 79,99 CAD

Mango, 44,99 CAD


Great to add a feminine touch to any outfit.
H&M, 29,95 CAD

Jacob, 99,00 CAD

Are you going to wear peplums this spring? How would you wear it? Did you find any peplum items that you would like to share?

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Spring 2012 Trend: Mint

Spring is going to be here in less than a month, in 21 days to be exact! To mark this countdown, here is some inspiration from spring trends, translated into affordable and accessible items, whether for a full or subtle look.

  • The look: Mint is a very delicate and feminine hue, but I think it can also look very modern if the item is a solid, minimalist piece. Avoid lace for a more contemporary look. 

  • Pair with: To me, mint almost acts as a neutral, so it's pretty easy to wear. Looks great with white, other neutrals (I love the navy + mint combo) or other pastels, if you are a little more adventurous.

  • Where to find: Zara has really adopted this trend, offering a wide range of mint items. Other retailers do have a lot of pastels, but mint is harder to find, even at stores like H&M and Forever21. Topshop also offers some mint items, available online if you are in Montreal area.

Zara, 99,90 CAD

Zara, 59,90 CAD

Zara, 79,90 CAD

Simons, 29,95 CAD

Zara, 45,90 CAD

Zara, 59,90 CAD

Sexy open back.
Zara, 49,90 CAD

Zara, 69,90 CAD

With little bows at the end of the sleeves!
Topshop, 72,00 USD

Good choice to pair with a sweater or cardi to transition between winter and spring.
H&M, 14,95 CAD

Just a touch of mint!
Zara, 39,90 CAD

Bag (and it doesn't get as easily dirty as white!)
Zara, 79,90 CAD

H&M, 5,95 CAD

Zara, 5,90 CAD

Topshop, 70,00 USD

Zara, 99,90 CAD

Gap, 29,95 CAD

Forever 21, 1,50 CAD

Topshop, 15,00 USD

Are you going to adopt mint this spring? How would you wear it? Did you find other mint items that you would like to share?


Online Shopping: d a c e

Because we can't ignore the whole virtual shopping world and it's fun to shop (for real or not) in our pyjamas, this new category of posts will highlight online shopping websites. Don't be shy to share with us your favorite shopping websites! 

Please note that these aren't sponsored posts.

d a c e is the work of Dace Moore, designer. It is based in Vancouver, Bristish Columbia. The line is manufactured and produced locally.

d a c e describes its style on the website:

"With styles that possess sophisticated modern lines, the d a c e brand always conveys a sense of classic femininity. Clothing by d a c e is known for its clean lines and for being well constructed, with attention to fit and detail. The pieces are versatile and designed to be flattering and sexy, with an overall classy but fun look – recognizably d a c e. "

To learn more about d a c e, click here.

What you should know:
  • Pricing: about 40 CA$ - 300 CA$
  • Shipping to Canada: 12,50 CA$ Ground 2-7 days (Canada Post expedited parcel)
  • Personal experience: N/A

Here are a few of my favorite items available right now:

I'm in love with this dress.
Tempest Dress (145 CA$ on sale) 

Virtue Dress (100 CA$ on sale)

Patience Dress (164 CA$ on sale)

Joss Blouse (90 CA$ on sale)

Do you know d a c e? Have you ever purchased something from their website? Would you recommend it?


Beauty Talk: Eyebrows Tips

Now that you are aware of the importance of eyebrows (if not, see this post), let's discuss shape and color.

You probably have seen this kind of picture everywhere to explain how to achieve the perfect eyebrow (in this case on the lovely Marilyn Monroe).

Looks easy, right? But based on my experience, if you're anything like me, before starting to pluck, here are some things you need to remind yourself about eyebrows.

Please note: This isn't a step by step guide on how to achieve perfect eyebrows. These are tips I learned over the years that I find useful and that I want to share with you. 

Eyebrows aren't twins... they are sisters. 

Megan Fox (

Staring with full eyebrows, I had the tendency to over pluck to try to achieve a perfect eyebrow shape. I remember in my late teens, I plucked one eyebrow, then the other would not be perfectly similar, so I plucked the other one, then the first one would not be similar, so I would pluck it again... to end up with almost no eyebrow at all. When I first heard that eyebrows aren't twins but sisters (unknown source), I had an epiphany. I often repeat it to myself, so instead of trying to make my eyebrows perfect, I focus on getting them similar overall, with little imperfections being alright, and maybe even cute!

Eyebrows need to look good... from the whole face perspective.

Jessica Alba (

This is a true story. Someone, aware of my obsession with eyebrows, once gave me a little magnifying mirror. Oh nothing too much, maybe like 10 times magnifying. Oops! it was not a good idea. As OCD as I am, I was using it daily it and I would pluck every little hair that was not fitting into the line. But when I would see myself back in the normal mirror, uh oh! I would have over plucked, again. One day a friend confiscated the dreaded mirror for my own good. Moral of this story: It's ok to use a magnifying mirror to help you do a more precise job, but don't forget to go back to the normal mirror while doing it, to see your whole face. Now I use a two times magnifying mirror for my eyebrows. Maximum. 

Eyebrows can grow back... but it takes patience.

Gwen Stefani in 2000 and 2007 (

First things first: pluck with caution. If you are like me, wait before plucking, to see if the hair is still bothering you the next day. If so, then you can pluck it. But what if you over plucked? Eyebrows can definitely grow back, but 1) it can be very long and 2) it seems some spots just won't grow back. Aside from my scary almost-no-eyebrow experiences, my eyebrows have grown back. I'm actually in the process of making them grow back even more. How to do it without looking like you forgot to do your eyebrows? Let the hair grow back, do not pluck except for the places where the hair is really out of line. You can put a little beige or taupe powder eye shadow on the empty patches if it looks too awful. There might be some hair growing products to help you grow back your eyebrows, but since I do not use them, I won't talk about them. You might want to consult your cosmetician or doctor.

Eyebrows can be dyed... but it could make your eyes "die".

Hayley Williams from Paramore (

If you ever read the warnings on a box of hair dye, you probably know this. Hair dye is really dangerous for eyes and should not be used to dye your eyebrows. You could go blind. Is that enough of a warning for you? Well, it wasn't enough of a warning for me. Remember my orange eyebrows? If not, read here. I also dyed my eyebrows using some facial hair bleach (like Jolen): I would put the mixture on my eyebrows for a minute or two and it would just slightly lighten them and the results were pretty good. If you do decide to dye your eyebrows, be aware that it is dangerous and that you need to be extra careful about your eyes. A cosmetician or a hairdresser is probably the best to do it. 

Eyebrows should match your hair... or get close to it.

Scarlett Johansson (

This is something I personally have a hard time with. With my eyebrows naturally being slightly darker than my natural hair color, I thought they were too dark when I dyed my hair blonde. I then learned that eyebrows should match your hair color, with some exceptions. For example, it's ok for a blonde to have darker eyebrows than her hair. If your hair is dyed black, maybe you should consider brown eyebrows, not as harsh as black. But in the end, it all depends on what you like. To color your eyebrows without dyeing them, you can use pencil eyebrow liner, mascara-like eyebrow color, liquid eye shadow or my favorite, powder eye shadow. Remember to go lightly to keep eyebrows looking natural.

Eyebrows look probably best... au natural.

Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen (

Take this tip from the girl that once sported the uni brow, haha! But what I mean is that aside from major eyebrow imperfections, letting your eyebrows close to their natural shape and color might be the best and easiest thing to do. We have seen natural eyebrows coming back in trend and I believe this is a good thing. I am myself trying to grow my eyebrows to their natural shape (but not the uni brow!). It's really a work in progress. Even if there are trends in eyebrows shapes and colors, I think that natural but polished eyebrows will always be appropriate.

Do you have any other eyebrows tips to share?