Favorite Links: Jan. 9-15, 2011


Here are my favorite fashion and beauty links this week.

  • I missed this link last week: spring's trends in nailpolish! What's your favorite? (Source: refinery29)
  • Speaking of spring (are we looking forward to it or not?!!!): Flats again! (Source: Let's hope this is really going to happen!
  • As the 70's appear to be making a comeback this spring, welcome back flared jeans. If you jump on the bandwagon (I won't!), here's the perfect lenght for them.
  • Celebrity looks: Natalie Portman vs Carey Mulligan. They both look very good, but Natalie does it again in my opinion! Do you agree? (Source:
  • Celebrity stylists give you tips for looking good without spending a lot of money... very interesting! (Source: Like soft fabrics, I never thought of that! Mixing patterns is a little more difficult, but rolling sleeves is a must for me. Not sure about the vest thing, but I LOVE mixing textures! I'm all about that now. What do you think of these tips?
  • Tendance vue chez les célébrités: ça me donne le goût de me remettre au gros toupet (Source: Surtout que ce n'est pas si loin de mon look actuel! Qu'en pensez-vous?
  • Back to winter (argh)... This girl knows how to look good after a snow storm... even with snow boots on. (Source:
  • D'autres belles dans le froid (Source: Mais clairement elles ne sont pas à Montréal. On pourra peut-être s'habiller ainsi... en mars?! haha

Any link to share with us? And please tell us what you think of this kind of post!


  1. I prefer Carey's dress!
    Nail polish: well I already have lilac, nude and beige so I'll be fine. Not sure about the aqua one.

  2. I agree with you Rose on aqua nailpolish... in fact I'm not sure I like the color first, and I'm not sure it would look good with my very pale skin tone!