Beauty Talk: Makeup and Acne

Based on the 3 million views of this video by DiamondsAndHeels14 on YouTube, you have probably already seen it, but I had to share it with you. 

This girl is truly amazing (and very talented in makeup application). It must take a lot of courage to do a video like that. Honestly, I would not be able to do it. As an acne sufferer myself, I rarely never go out without any makeup on (except maybe on days when I'm sick and I have to get to the hospital). 

I really wanted to share this video with you is because it shows how makeup can do miracles for your self-esteem. We always hear about those "makeup free" days and how we must accept ourselves for what we are and bla bla blah. But let me tell you: makeup can act like a pair of bright red pumps or sexy skinny jeans. Of course, too much makeup doesn't look good, as too much cleavage or too tight clothes won't look good. But makeup should not be considered as bad per se. I guess this is my point. Don't judge the girl with makeup. If you happen to have pretty skin, good for you. But for some girls, especially those with acne or other skin problems, makeup, more than an accessory (because I do think makeup can be a very cool accessory, as a necklace or a scarf), can actually be empowering.


City Fox by Style & Conscience

Style & Conscience

Style & Conscience presents City Fox: upcycled leather and fur boot cuffs. This a project based here in Montreal and they need your help to make it happen!

The boot cuffs are made of 100% upcycled fur, leather and fabric from vintage fur coats and are so pretty! 

Desert Fox fur boot cuff

City Fox fur boot cuff

My favorite color is City Fox. It just looks so soft and warm!

You can preorder your fur boot cuff for 195$, which will help Style & Conscience achieve their goal of $5K by Saturday, December 17th, to have the funds for the project. 

You can also support the project by giving anything over 1$ and you will receive different gifts for your help depending on the amount you chose to give: thank yous, vintage scarf, fur tassel and more!

I will definitely support this very cool, eco-friendly and local project. Will you?

EDIT - Done! I'm a backer now!


I Want: Kitten Shoes


It all started with this picture of Alexa Chung at Valentino Ready to Wear Spring 2011 show.

I first noticed the dress, with the oh-so-cute bows on the shoulders. I think this is the way to do strapless! Then, I saw that her shoes have kittens on it. Yes, KITTENS! No way. I never thought at my age, I would be jealous of someone wearing kitten shoes. But it happened.

Lately, she did it again. At the 2011 British Fashion Awards.


It might not show on the picture, but she's wearing the pump version of the kitten shoe.

That was it: I so deeply need cat shoes. 

After a search on the web (thanks Rose!), I found them. They are from Charlotte Olympia.


There is only one slight little problem... they are priced about 700CA$.

Maybe in another (cat) life.


Inspiration: Emma Stone - 2011 MTV Movie Awards


This picture of Emma Stone is absolute perfection. The Bottega Veneta dress is simply stunning: I love the black lacy fabric with the gold, silver and bronze underlining, the bow at the waist, the high but sexy neckline, the frills at the bottom. The caramel clutch, the metallic pumps, the hair, the makeup... every single thing is amazing. 

While shopping at H&M, I saw this dress that kind of reminds me of Emma's Bottega Veneta dress.

Source: H&M

I think this is what you call love at first sight. Of course it's not as pretty as Emma's, but it has a similar vibe with the nude lining, the high neckline and the defined waist. The polka dots add cuteness and the sleeves are great (untoned triceps, anyone?). 

It's now waiting in my closet for the perfect occasion.


Fashion Reading: Makeup Your Mind: Express Yourself

Makeup Your Mind: Express Yourself by François Nars

This is not a book about fashion, but I decided to talk about it anyway because it is so inspiring! Yes, this is a makeup book. There are makeup tips but this book really is interesting because of the pictures of people with and without makeup. The results are unbelievable. It's inspiring because no matter how you look, makeup can accentuate or minimize features in your face. This is true for women (and men) at every age. Between the before-after pictures, a transparent page tells you which product was applied and where. I cannot wait to try some of the makeups!

Did you read Makeup Your Mind: Express Yourself? Did you like it?

Any suggestion of fashion, style and beauty books?