Favorite Links: Jan. 23-29, 2011


This week: steps to flawless style and things every woman should own, how to wear a midi skirt and... once more, fast forward to spring 2011.



7 things about us

Inspired by Kendi's 7 things about us post, we decided to tell you a little bit more about us.

Not embarrassing stupid school years things, though. (Besides, nobody tagged us, so we can easily get out of this one!)


Yay or Nay: Wedges

If you haven't seen any wedges yet, well... I don't know where you've been hiding all this time! But we're going to educate you a little.

According to Wikipedia:
Wedge boots or wedgies are boots with a sole in the form of a wedge so that one piece of material, normally rubber, serves as both the sole and the heel. Wedge boots are more common for women and often have a sole that is much thicker at the back than the front, making it a high-heel shoe or boot.

Here's a specimen:


Favorite Links: Jan. 16-22, 2011


This week: spring 2011 trends, a warning against maxi dresses/skirts, Kate Middleton's knees, Golden Globes and my new obsession.



25% de rabais chez Smart Set

Avis aux filles qui ont magasiné chez Smart Set avant Noël et qui ont reçu une carte-rabais applicable après Noël... c'est maintenant que ça se passe!

  • Où: Smart Set
  • Quand: du 20 janvier au 9 février 2011
  • Quoi: avec la carte-rabais remise aux clientes entre le 2 et le 24 décembre dernier, 25% de rabais à l'achat de 50$ ou plus (avant taxes)

Fouillez dans votre sacoche pour retrouver la carte... et bon magasinage!


Ten Items: UK Memorabilia

So I really couldn't help myself. I was not able to choose between ten of these items so I decided to indulge and include an eleventh one. I guess I am allowed to for this special occasion.

  1. Umbrella - Lindy Lou - Price not available
  2. Tote - Modcloth - $20
  3. Clock - Etsy - $40
  4. iPhone case - Zazzle - $46
  5. Mug - Kaboodle - Price not available
  6. Wool scarf - Jan Constantine - $76
  7. Flats - Debenhams - $8
  8. Watch - Debenhams - $6
  9. Tote - Not on the high street - $12
  10. Cushion - Beth Stevens - $64
  11. Cashmere sweater - Blue Fly - $180
Obviously, I haven't cared much about the price for this selection. I got a bit overwhelmed, I guess.

I'd love to have the iPhone case, the cushion, the clock and the "Carry On" tote.

What about you?


30 for 30 - Winter 2011 Edition

Just a quick post to tell you that Kendi starts a new 30 for 30 challenge on February 1st!

What's a 30 for 30? Click here (aussi en français!)

Rose and I already participated last summer, see all our outfits here.

Very excited to do the challenge over again!

Violette: The "Too Much" Dress


Friend Friday: How we create our outfits

It's Friday! Yay!

And what does it mean? It's Fashion Beauty Friend Friday (FBFF) time!

You can learn everything about FBFF on Modly Chic.

This week, the topic is fun because everyone, blogger or not, can relate: we talk about how we create our outfits.



Yay or Nay: Jeans


Of course, jeans are a YAY!

What I want to talk about is leg style: skinny, straight, boyfriend or flare?


Ten Items: Fair Isle / Jacquard

Winter is the perfect (if not the only appropriate) season to wear fair isle pattern. It evokes warmth, comfort and cosyness. And no, it's not exclusive to log cabins outfits. Since it's in every store this year, why not plan a night in and get yourself a few of these items?

  1. White sweater - American Eagle Outfitters - $25
  2. Hat - Bloomingdales - $43
  3. Scarf - Smart Set - $15
  4. Gloves - Ralph Lauren - $25
  5. Sleep pants - Aeropostale - $10
  6. Tie-belt wrap cardigan - Old Navy - $35
  7. Dress - People Tree - $120
  8. Slippers - Target - $19
  9. Cardigan - John Lewis - $120
  10. Leggings - Asos - $38

While I've been dreaming to get a wrap cardigan, it doesn't look very flattering on me. However I'm pretty curious to see what the white sweater looks like. I might just pay a visit to my nearest AE!

Do you own any fair isle item? How do you wear it?


Favorite Links: Jan.1-8, 2011

Because we read a lot about fashion and beauty on the net, this week we would like to try a new kind of post: our favorite links of the week. It could either be news, tips, trends, outfits from other bloggers, well just about anything that we found interesting and that we want to share with you!


Tell us if you like it! And if you would like to share some links with us, please do so in the comments section!

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Working on customer satisfaction!


At rose&violette, we are doing different types of posts: Outfits, Yay or Nay, Ten Items, Fashion News, I Want, I Bought, Inspiration, DIY, Polyvore Sets. We may also try some other types of posts, we feel like experimenting a bit.

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Friend Friday: Blogging up to the hype

Well let's get a little serious on this Friday, shall we?

rose&violette has joined the Fashion Beauty Friend Friday (FBFF for intimates). The lovely Katy Rose of Modly Chic started this group in order to get fashion bloggers to meet (virtually) and share thoughts. Every Wednesday, she sends questions to which we are free to answer on our blog on Fridays. We love the idea. We might even make it a regular Friday post.

This project proves once again that fashion bloggers aren't dumb and superficial bimbos and that yes, we can think for ourselves!

You can join too if you'd like! Everything you need to know on FBFF is here.

This week, for our first FBFF, the questions are about the comparison that we undoubtedly have with successful bloggers.


Yay or Nay: Velvet

This automn, we've seen a lot of velvet.

In my mind, velvet is 1) not flattering and 2) associated with medieval style.


But it looks like I might be wrong...


Ten Items: Flowers

Inspired by Cupcakes and Cashmere Five Things posts, I decided to do something similar and if you guys like it, I might even make this a regular weekly instalment. Basically, I will choose ten items (related either by piece, pattern, colour or style) that I like and share them with you, so you can get the inspiration flowing (did you get that one? inspiration flowing... with flowers... nah? just me?) or find the perfect gift.

All reasons are good to do some online shopping (and keep me away from the actual stores).

I have a thing for soft, romantic flowers. With the spring collections around the corner, flowers will be a key element pretty soon so I thought the timing was just right. Here are my 10 favourite items of the moment:

  1. Weekend Bag - HM - $37
  2. Wallet - Fossil - $50
  3. iPhone case - Cath Kidston - £25
  4. White rosebud necklace - Cara Accessories - $29
  5. Pink beaded chiffon necklace - Old Navy - $10.50
  6. Swimsuit - Topshop - $60
  7. Pink top - Forever 21 - $18.80
  8. Umbrella - Old Navy - $10
  9. Scarf - Republic - £17
  10. Blue top - Old Navy - $18
Do you have a favourite item? Or several? How do you like to incorporate flowers into your look?

Joe Style Frais au centre-ville de Montréal?

En 2010, Joe Style Frais (Joe Fresh) a ouvert une boutique à la Gare Jean-Talon (395 rue Jean-Talon Ouest), et je parle d'une vraie boutique, pas une section de vêtements dans un Loblaws.

Aveu: Rose et moi aimons nous donner rendez-vous de temps à autre chez Loblaws pour un p'tit Joe (comme nous nous plaisons à dire)... ce n'est vraiment pas jetset, mais nous y avons fait de très belles trouvailles!

Lors de la dernière grande virée shopping Loulou, il y avait une boutique temporaire Joe Style Frais à la Place Montréal Trust, et j'ai piqué une petite jasette avec un représentant de la compagnie. Ce dernier me disait qu'une autre boutique Joe Style Frais allait bientôt ouvrir au centre-ville de Montréal, probablement sur Ste-Catherine, mais évidemment il ne pouvait me donner l'emplacement. Il semblerait que la boutique serait ouverte après les Fêtes, au début 2011.

J'ai beau fouiller le net... je ne trouve aucune information à ce sujet. Avez-vous des scoops? J'aimerais tellement que cette boutique devienne réalité, adieu soirées gênantes passées au Loblaws!


Psst! J'ai découvert que Joe Style Frais possède maintenant son blogue! Ok, il s'agit surtout d'autopromotion, mais reste que je vais le consulter régulièrement, je veux être au fait de l'ouverture d'une boutique au centre-ville! Et vous?


Il semblerait que la ville de New York aura sa propre boutique Joe Fresh... mais pas plus de détails pour le moment! À suivre...

Seems like NYC is going to have its Joe Fresh store. But no details yet! I guess we'll have to wait and see!


Aurevoir 2010, Bonjour 2011!

Guess where I'll be to welcome 2011?!

Hope I'm not agoraphobic hahaha! I guess we'll find out.

I wish everyone a very good year!

I would like to share with you my fashion-related wishes (I prefer to call them wishes and not resolutions, because we don't keep them anyway, so why bother!) for 2011.