Favorite Links: Jan. 23-29, 2011


This week: steps to flawless style and things every woman should own, how to wear a midi skirt and... once more, fast forward to spring 2011.

5 steps to flawless style (via InStyle). Do you agree?

10 things every woman must own (via InStyle). Unlike some other lists I've seen, there are some very specific items in this one. My personal musts in those 10 items are: black blazer, statement necklace, little black dress and black opaque tights. And you?

How to wear a midi skirt (via My Style Pill). I'm not sure if this trendy skirt length is going to make its way on the street, but here are 4 ways to wear it... without looking like a gnome.

Les compensées selon Prada: collection printemps-été 2011 (via Tendances de mode). Je n'ai qu'une seul mot: ouache! Qu'en pensez-vous?

The lovely Taylor shared with us her favorite trends for spring (via Sterling Style). I'm into "feminine lace" and "girlie & playful". What are your favorites?

Stella McCartney's Spring 2011 collection... soooo pretty! Awwww.


  1. For the 19 essentials: I agree with the black blazer, red flats, little black dress and statement necklace. But I don't see the point of leopard tee and flared jeans.

    And no, no matter how you style a midi skirt, it still makes everyone looks like a gnome.

    As for the spring trends, I like jewel tones and feminine lace.

  2. Jeans, veston, tailleur pantalon seraient mes 1er choix. Je déteste la jupe longue. Les compensés: veulent-ils rire de nous? Par contre j'aime beaucoup la collection de Stella McCartney.

  3. To Rose: I'm not sure about the midi skirt... I have one skirt that hits just below the knee and I find it hard to wear.

    À Lulu: Merci pour ton commentaire!