Violette: Be Scared...

Dress Everly via Simons, Jacket Attitude via Sears, Pants H&M, Earrings Charlotte Russe

This is probably the last outfit post before I hurt your eyes with my white legs... until September! Yay! Those pictures are from last week and it was freezing. Luckily, the weather is now warm enough to be bare legs. Prepare your retinas!


Yay or Nay: Ankle Wrap

Clockwise from top left:
Sperry Top-Sider, Lanvin, Victoria's Secret, Butter, Reed Krakroff, Vanessa Bruno, Rochas

Lately, I've seen quite a few girls wearing ankle wrap shoes. I think these shoes can be very cute: I definitely prefer the more casual ones (the espadrilles or the flats). But I think they can be tricky to wear because ankle straps -in this case, wraps- can really shorten the legs. I don't usually like to stick to some "fashion rules" (hi, Stacey and Clinton!), but this is one I religiously follow. If I am going to wear something around my ankle, I will pair it with a shorter hemline (above the knee) so my legs can look a little longer. But still, it isn't really the most flattering look on me.

Then I would say half-yay, half-nay. I like it, but it's something I would seldom wear.

Your turn now: Yay or Nay?

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Violette: Pants, Again

Shirt and Jeans H&M, Sash from another dress, Bracelets Forever 21

It's Friday and I can't wait for the weekend because the weather is supposed to get warmer! As a dress and skirt girl, I'm really over wearing pants (it's too cold for bare legs, but too warm for tights). Let me show you my pasty white legs, please!

In the meanwhile, you get all kinds of variations of skinny pants/jeans and tunics/dresses. This time I opted for a big pinky nude sash over a shirt. A big bow to work? Why not!

Have a nice weekend everyone!


Violette: Let's Disqus!

Dress Zara, Pants Ring and Belt H&M

There's something new on rose&violette and I'm very excited for two reasons. First, I did it all by myself and I'm still impressed on how this blog has forced me to improve my techno skills! (But don't get me wrong: It was easy!) Second, we will now be able to answer each and every single comment directly to you! This is why we switch to Disqus, to be able to interact more with the people who take the time to leave us a comment. We can't thank you enough.


Ten Items: Scalloped Edges

Light grey skirt - Forever 21 - $19
Blue dress - Dorothy Perkins - £30
Peach shorts - Warehouse - £40
Peach cropped jeans - Topshop - £40
Tiered black skirt - Outnet - $60
Blue top - Dorothy Perkins - £25
Pointy pink ballerinas - Endless - $55
Clutch bag - Topshop - £48
Black belt - Forever 21 - $7
Coral top - Topshop - £30


Violette: Dear Cheap Clothes

Dress Zara, Jacket Forever 21, Jeans H&M, Bracelet Urban Planet, Feather hairclip phatcatpharm via Etsy

Dear Cheap Clothes,
I know you were made in Taiwan or China. I also know you aren't made to last. But could you at least make it past one wash? Come on, not even delicate cycle and flat dry? Well, at least I can wear you as a tunic, Zara dress.


Violette: I Bet You Look Good on the Dancefloor

Dress and Jeans H&M

This is what I wore for Arctic Monkeys concert yesterday at Olympia de Montréal. It wasn't warm enough to be bare legs, plus it was going to rain in the evening. I wanted to be comfortable yet to wear something cute. So I found this dress/tunic in my wardrobe. The empire waist isn't the most flattering thing on me, but it didn't matter: It has purple hearts. No need to say more!

P.S. The title of this post is from my favorite Arctic Monkeys song, back in 2005. But I still love it very, very much. Enjoy!


Violette: Bye Bye Bangs?

Tunic Kensie, Jacket Dex, Pants H&M, Necklace Charlotte Russe

It's been a while since I wore my hair without bangs or fringe. I usually keep this look for summertime because my curly hair gets out of control. But my fringe is very long at this time- I need a haircut- and I wonder if I should let it grow, since summer is almost here. I hesitate because I prefer the look of a fringe. I think it softens the face, but gosh it's easier without.

Do you have bangs or fringe? If you have curly hair, what do you prefer?

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Violette: Guess Who I Look Like

Dress & Boots Zara, Cardigan Dex, Bracelet Topshop, Glasses Warby Parker

So this was a glasses day. Can't tell you how happy I am to have invested in a pretty pair! Funny how it always makes everyone talk in the office. This time I looked like Annie Hall. Babyboomers are hilarious, love them.

This is again a dress you've seen way too many times in the 30x30. The weather is the one to blame. Anyway, this is a real-life style blog, so this is the kind of thing that can and will happen! Remixing is the way to go!

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Violette: Back to 30x30?

Top Jacob, Skirt Forever 21, Boots Zara, Necklace Smart Set

I feel like I'm going through another round of 30x30, with the same old boring clothes that I picked this winter. Boy this weather is depressing! It looks as if we skipped spring and summer to go straight to automn. Don't get me wrong: I love automn. But I appreciate it much more after spring and summer!

Speaking of 30x30, Kendi is going to start another one this summer. I know the last one was hard for me, but I'm tempted. I guess it's up to you, guys! Would you like me to do another 30x30? Do you like it? Do you find it boring? Let me know in the comments or take the little survey at the left of the blog! This is your opportunity to be part of the content of this blog! Please take a few seconds to do so, it means a lot to me. Thanks!


Violette: Ma soirée Fashion Wonderland

Grâce à Anik Lacasse du blogue Montreal In Style, j'ai assisté à la soirée Fashion Wonderland à la Fonderie Darling dans le Vieux-Montréal. Cette soirée était organisée par Heels and Heart pour amasser des fonds pour la Société de leucémie & lymphome du Canada.

Le thème de la soirée: Alice au pays des merveilles. De toute beauté!

Voici quelques photos du défilé, que j'ai prises sur le vif! (Désolée pour la piètre qualité.) J'étais placée juste derrière les juges; les mannequins faisaient donc une petite pause en passant devant eux, me laissant quelques instants pour tenter de les photographier. Merci au jeune homme de l'organisation pour nous avoir dit de nous asseoir à cet endroit!

C'est la designer de cette tenue qui a remporté les honneurs!

Le mannequin avait de splendides cheveux blonds bouclés et m'a en quelque sorte réconcilié avec ma chevelure.

Spectaculaire! (Même si la photo est floue.)

Une vue de l'endroit, qui était à couper le souffle!

Mon look pour la soirée.

Top Forever 21, Jeans H&M, Bracelets Topshop & Simons, Shoes Aldo


Violette: I Bought (Smart Set Edition)

Before she left for France, Rose gave me a discount card she got from Smart Set. Of course I had to use it!

Here is what I bought: a tee and a skirt. Both striped. The tee is really pretty, it has lace stripes and is shorter in the front (click on the link under the picture to see it better). The skirt is very comfortable and is white and navy. Perfect for summer!

Striped lace scoop-neck t-shirt

Striped skirt

Don't you just LOVE stripes?

P.S. Thanks again Rose for your discount card!


Aurevoir Rose!

So, Rose left yesterday for France.

Let me tell you: It's not the end of rose&violette. It's only going to be a little different. Rose is not leaving the blog. She'll take a few weeks to discover her new home and surroundings, but then she'll keep us posted on European fashion.

I won't lie: of course I'm sad. But I try not to get selfish about all this.

Rose, always remember that:

Du coup, Rose, je te souhaite un bon séjour chez nos Cousins... ouais!


Leaving on a Jetplane

Hi guys!

So I'm leaving today for France, after a hectic week of dinners, boxes, suitcases and work, and very little sleep. And as excited as I am to join my fiancé and start our new, married life together... a part of me wishes this was all just a bad dream.

I will miss the crazy dance my cat does when I come home.
I will miss the impromptu gatherings.
I will miss my tree-lined street.
I will miss my little comfortable, predictable life.

I will miss texting Violette whenever I think of something remotely related to her.
I will miss her trusty advice on my spending.
I will miss talking about everything, nothing, old topics or new ones.
I will miss our dirty dances.
I'll just really miss her.

On the bright side, I really can't wait for her to visit me in the fall and tour (read: shop) Europe with her!

I will continue posting outfits and other posts, although on a much smaller basis for the first few weeks. Eventually I'll share my newest purchases and try to educate you on the central France style (I hope it's not centered around cargo pants, hiking boots and shell jackets).

Wish me luck, and stay tuned for exclusive European content (does it sound fancy enough?)


Violette: I Bought (Joe Fresh Edition)

Joe Fresh Swimsuit, Nailpolishes (Rainforest, Brick, Fog, Orchid), Cream Blush (Apricot)

This is what I bought on my shopping trip with Rose at Joe Fresh (see here). I didn't find the polka dot swimsuit (see here) so I bought it in black instead. But this Saturday (May 14th) there is an event to celebrate Joe's fifth anniversary, I might stop to see if they have it!

And this is what happened to my poor new white shoes.

At least the nailpolish color is pretty.


Violette: How to Ruin New Shoes

Top Kensie, Jeans and Shoes H&M, Bracelets Forever 21

Casual outfit for a little shopping with Rose on a beautiful sunny day.

Of course I had to drop nail polish on myself in the store.

This is the very last picture of my new white shoes without nail polish. I've worn them only two times. RIP white shoes (2011-2011).


Violette: Why You Have to Keep Your Old Clothes

Tunic Forever 21, Jeans H&M

I've had this tunic for almost two years now. I kind of got tired of it, but still I didn't want to get rid of it. I'm happy I didn't because now it makes me think of Stella McCartney Spring 2011 collection! See for yourself:

(c)Stella McCartney - Spring 2011 Collection

P.S. The whole Stella McCartney Spring 2011 collection is just AMAZING.

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