Leaving on a Jetplane

Hi guys!

So I'm leaving today for France, after a hectic week of dinners, boxes, suitcases and work, and very little sleep. And as excited as I am to join my fiancé and start our new, married life together... a part of me wishes this was all just a bad dream.

I will miss the crazy dance my cat does when I come home.
I will miss the impromptu gatherings.
I will miss my tree-lined street.
I will miss my little comfortable, predictable life.

I will miss texting Violette whenever I think of something remotely related to her.
I will miss her trusty advice on my spending.
I will miss talking about everything, nothing, old topics or new ones.
I will miss our dirty dances.
I'll just really miss her.

On the bright side, I really can't wait for her to visit me in the fall and tour (read: shop) Europe with her!

I will continue posting outfits and other posts, although on a much smaller basis for the first few weeks. Eventually I'll share my newest purchases and try to educate you on the central France style (I hope it's not centered around cargo pants, hiking boots and shell jackets).

Wish me luck, and stay tuned for exclusive European content (does it sound fancy enough?)

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