30x30 Winter 2011 Edition: Rose's 30 items

So these are my items. If you have been attentive enough, you might have noticed that something's up with these items. I'll let you think about it.


If you can count up to 30... ding ding ding! The count isn't right! I only have 25 items. That was the hardest part, really. As you can see, I included camis because I had no idea what to choose!

But what is going to happen to the extra 5 items, you say. Well, dear reader, that's a secret Violette will share with you on Thursday. How's that for a cliffhanger? ;)

As for the 25 items I did pick, what do you think? I find them pretty conservative (that's a long and polite word for boring). But I'll try to make something interesting out of this. My major hair disaster is probably going to help in this matter... you'll see.


  1. Wow you're being very honest. I don't count camis bc I'd never wear them without something on top! I love that striped sweater!!

  2. I am excited to see what you do with these pieces!

  3. Your choices aren't conservative or boring at all!

    But I can't believe you only found 25 items haha! Mais ça fait bien mon affaire! ;)

  4. I don't wear camis alone either. Too much information! But tucked inside a skirt and with a cardigan over, it looks nice.

    Thanks for your comments ladies!

  5. LOVE the striped sweater.

  6. J'aime bien tes choix Rose. Tout est interchangeable et les camisoles de couleur vont égayer les tons foncés. Un nouveau défi, seulement 25 pièces pour 30 jours?? ou tu vas en ajouter??

  7. Oh non, je me mets au défi de réussir 25 pièces pour 30 jours. J'ai déjà plusieurs outfits en tête, je crois bien réussir !