30x30 Winter 2011 Edition: Violette's 5 extra items

You know what happened to Rose with her 30 items, right? (If you don't, read it here now!)

So... we decided to do a swap! Well, kind of: I'm taking her 5 missing items. She'll do 30 outfits with 25 items (whoa! talk about taking the challenge to a higher level!) and I'll do 30 outfits with 35 items. Ok, I can already hear you: no, that WON'T be easier. And why, you may ask? Because I decided to take this opportunity to challenge myself. I picked 5 items that always give me a hard time to style, for different reasons. In my 30 outfits, I'll do at least one outfit with each of those 5 extra items. I'll explain at that moment why they are challenging to me.

Excited? I sure am!

P.S. My cat is definitely a fashion lover.


  1. Such a great twist to the 30x30! You girls are so creative :) And that last photo cracked me up. At first I thought it was a skirt with some 3d print of a cat on it. And I thought, AWESOME. But this is good, too.

  2. J'espère que 5 pièces de plus te feront trouver le challenge plus facile! J'aime bien la jupe avec le chat imprimé dessus!

  3. Oh geez the 3D better be deep to cover all the cat haha. She's giant! But cute, so it's easily forgotten (except when you lift her up from the ground).

    J'aime bien la robe et j'avoue que ce sont des items que je ne vois pas souvent. J'ai hâte de voir ce que tu vas faire !

  4. J'ai bien hâte de porter ces morceaux, on pousse le défi un peu plus loin. Mais selon moi c'est Rose qui va avoir le plus gros défi, 25 tenues avec 30 morceaux... ouf!

    To Kristine: hahaha you made me laugh so hard! You're amazing. Now I really wish I had a skirt with a 3D print of a cat! Where can I get that?!