Violette: Casual at Work

Work. Joe Fresh sweater, Swapped skirt, Aldo shoes, Topshop bracelet


Matt&Nat Sample Sale

Matt&Nat is having its biannual sample sale! From November 29th (tomorrow!) to December 3rd.

I bought the bag on the ad last sample sale (see here and here) for something like 55CA$. You should definitely check it out. I know I will!

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Violette: I Bought

Simons leather bracelet, mirror necklace, cameo brooch

After my unfortunate shopping experience with Marie Saint Pierre for Reitmans (see here), I headed to Simons to see their jewellery section.

Jackpot! I found a (real) leather double bracelet, a cute necklace with a little mirror and A CAMEO BROOCH. I had to write this in capital letters because on my last vacation I went to cameo factory and I was amazed by the making of these beauties. I wanted to buy one, but they were way too expensive. So imagine my happiness when I randomly saw one at Simons! I know it isn't a hand-crafted cameo from Italy, but it still makes me happy.

Have a nice weekend!


Violette: Black and White, Again

Work. Vero Moda shirt, H&M jeans and flower pin, Aldo shoes, Warby Parker glasses, Joe Fresh nailpolish in Fog

I didn't realize that I wore a white shirt and black bottom a few days before (see here) until I downloaded my pictures. Well, this is real life. But I believe no one noticed, the overall look isn't the same. Anyway, people were so stuck on my glasses (which I don't often wear at work) that they probably all forgot what I was wearing, haha!

Bangs speaking, having my glasses on helped me manage a side part with too long bangs. But still, I had hair in my face all day, ugh. Problem not solved yet!


Rose: My Birthday Wishlist

  1. Merde, il pleut! umbrella: because it's a fun way to face the winter weather.
  2. Flowery business cards holder: because now that I have some, I feel bad just leaving them in my wallet.
  3. Black lace dress: because I desperately want one, but can't seem to actually find any.
  4. Flowery dress: because it's pretty, even though I have no occasion to wear it.
  5. Fair isle sweater dress: because I am in desperate search of fair isle items.
  6. Earrings: because I like the chic feel to them.
  7. Cupcake kit: because I have housewife hobbys.
  8. Black ballerinas: because I had to throw mine in the garbage.
  9. Purple low-heel wedges: because they're on sale and well, they're purple.
  10. Black knee-high boots: because I don't have fall boots, and they're just amazing.
  11. iPhone 4: because I am sick of the stupid iPhone3 camera.
  12. Keep Calm and Drink Tea mug: because I drink lots of tea and love this memorabilia
  13. Slipper booties: because my feet are always cold lately and I hate wearing socks.
  14. Born to Shop, Forced to Cook apron: because that's my housewife life.
  15. Gray/black striped sweater: because one can never own too many striped items.
  16. Silver nail polish: because it's glamorous, fun and cute.
  17. Canon 60D camera: because my DSLR is starting to get tired, and this one looks amazing.
  18. UK flag cushion: because even though I live in France, I'm still a britophile at heart.
  19. Comfy pyjama pants: because yes, sometimes I do spend my whole day in my pyjamas.
  20. Bow headband: because it's really cute and simple.
  21. Book on history of architecture: because I travel a lot and would like to have a clue what I'm actually looking at.
Someone give me the winning ticket, okay? Thanks :-)


Violette: Bangs Story

Work. Zara dress, Dynamite jacket, Forever 21 necklace

My bangs are getting too long. And one thing I absolutely hate in life in general is having to deal with hair in my face/eyes. Because I'm such a lazy person, I decided to try to let my bangs grow. I've had bangs for so many years now, it might be a good change. But for now, honestly it's only annoying because they aren't long enough to do anything good with them. But I'm experimenting different things, like the center part today. Not quite sure about it yet... I guess we'll see! Do you have any bangs stories to share?

Have a nice weekend!


Violette: Today is a Special Day...

Picture from vacation. H&M dress, Forever 21 necklace

... because it's my birthday!

And it's a significant one: Today I'm officially Old with a capital O. (Booh.)

Because of that, I'm celebrating my birthday all week long. Rose also came back from France yesterday (she'll stay until the beginning of January, yay!), so it's been a great week this far.

Let's hope the rest of my "birthday week" is going to be as awesome! It makes getting old a little less painful, ha!


Violette: I Bought (All Black)

Joe Fresh (from top) sequin skirt, suede leggings, velvet/corduroy skirt and knit sweater (and hum, cat hair... sorry!)

I went to Joe Fresh last week and bought a couple of things... all black. I find myself attracted not so much to different colors these days, but clearly I have a thing for textures.

If you are going for an all black look, why not break it with different textures? Fall (and winter) is the perfect season to experiment with all kinds of textures. Have fun mixing them!


Violette: Photography is Hard

Work outfit. Gap top, H&M skirt and bracelet, Rockport shoes, Joe Fresh nailpolish in Denim

Wow. It's been so long since I did an outfit post. The reason is that I have a hard time with my pictures. I struggle finding natural light and when I take pictures with the flash, my pictures are just awful. I really ain't skilled at photography, let me tell you that.

But with the time change last weekend, I now have the opportunity to quickly snap my outfit in the morning before going out (if I'm not too late!). These aren't the best pictures ever, but at least you can have a glimpse at my outfit! Hope you like it!

Have a nice weekend!


Marie Saint Pierre for Reitmans

Marie Saint Pierre + Reitmans? It might sounds odd, but it's true... and I must say, I really like the result. Of course now I need one of those dresses.

Marie Saint Pierre has created a collection of 10 (party) dresses for Reitmans, including a few dresses for plus and petite sizes. Priced at 85CA$, these little black dresses aren't going to last long! I will definitely take at look at the collection, starting this Thursday November 10th (that's tomorrow, yay!).

Here are my favorite dresses from the collection (the last one is my favorite-favorite... but it's a petite dress, booh.) (If I see it, I'll try it even though. You aren't held responsible if the dress rips while you try it, right?)

All images: Reitmans

EDIT: I went to Reitmans today (November 10th) to see the collection. Unfortunately, I really wasn't impressed with the quality. I didn't like the material of the dresses and overall, I thought they looked a little cheap. Even if I know that I couldn't ask for high quality designer clothes at 85$, maybe my expectations were too high.

Did you see the collection in stores? How did you find it? Did you buy a dress?


Violette: I Want (Birthday Edition, Part 2)

Here is my birthday wishlist, part 2. (You can see part 1 here.)

(Click on the numbers below for the links.)

1. Cute makeup pouch. Like this one from Madewell.

2. The prettiest ballerinas/slippers of the world. Like these from Madewell (tell me if you find a cheaper version... I really want them!)

3. Nude slip dress. Like this one from Gap.

4. Perfect blue dress. Like this one from Zara.

5. Camera (and a cordless remote, not shown). Like this one from Canon.

6. Expresso and cappucino single-cup machine. Like this one from Nespresso (Please note: picture and link aren't the same.)

7. 9. 11. Winter hats. Like these from Urban Outfitters, Forever 21 and Harricana.

8. Leather skirt or shorts. Like this skirt from Madewell.

10. Medallion necklace. Like this one from Madewell.

12. Polka dot anything. Like this polka dot mini skirt from Zara.

13. Funny wall/window sticker. Like this "Warning: Obese cat inside" sticker from Loyal Luxe.

14. 16. Brain-related items. Like these phrenology head and brain poster both from Urban Outfitters.

15. Leopard handbag/clutch. Like this one from Forever 21.

17. Top with leather inserts. Like this t-shirt from Zara.

18. Pretty cat house. Like this one from Loyal Luxe.


Violette: I Want (Birthday Edition, Part 1)

November is the month of my birthday, yay!

In case someone wants to give me a gift... here are some ideas, part 1. (I always have wishlists that never end. Never.)

(Click on the numbers below for the links.)

1. Sequin mini skirt. Like this one from Joe Fresh. (Ok I confess: I went to Joe Fresh and bought one very similar, but in black.)

2. 9. 12. 13. 15. 17. 19. Fashion related books and cat crazy stories. Like these.

3. Shirt-dress (long enough to be worn as a dress and not a tunic). Like this one from Zara.

4. Cool wall art. Like this calendar that can be reused as little boxes afterwards.

5. Leopard ballerinas or very low pumps. Like these from Yellow.

6. 8. Loose minimalist long sleeve tops. Like these both from Zara.

7. New computer. Like this MacBook Air, perhaps... haha.

10. Cute slippers-like shoes. Like these glittery ones from Aldo (currently on sale... ohhh. I might even make it a "from me to me" gift. Yes, another one.)

11. White or cream long sleeve dress. Like this one from Zara. (Edit: Hum... I kind of bought it today...!)

14. Quirky cushion for my bed. This one is perfect with a) russian dolls and b) grey and yellow colors.

16. Chunky black knit. Like this one from H&M. (You know my trip to Joe Fresh ...? Well, I found a black knit also. haha)

18. Black feather clutch. Like this one from Zara.