Violette: I Want (Birthday Edition, Part 1)

November is the month of my birthday, yay!

In case someone wants to give me a gift... here are some ideas, part 1. (I always have wishlists that never end. Never.)

(Click on the numbers below for the links.)

1. Sequin mini skirt. Like this one from Joe Fresh. (Ok I confess: I went to Joe Fresh and bought one very similar, but in black.)

2. 9. 12. 13. 15. 17. 19. Fashion related books and cat crazy stories. Like these.

3. Shirt-dress (long enough to be worn as a dress and not a tunic). Like this one from Zara.

4. Cool wall art. Like this calendar that can be reused as little boxes afterwards.

5. Leopard ballerinas or very low pumps. Like these from Yellow.

6. 8. Loose minimalist long sleeve tops. Like these both from Zara.

7. New computer. Like this MacBook Air, perhaps... haha.

10. Cute slippers-like shoes. Like these glittery ones from Aldo (currently on sale... ohhh. I might even make it a "from me to me" gift. Yes, another one.)

11. White or cream long sleeve dress. Like this one from Zara. (Edit: Hum... I kind of bought it today...!)

14. Quirky cushion for my bed. This one is perfect with a) russian dolls and b) grey and yellow colors.

16. Chunky black knit. Like this one from H&M. (You know my trip to Joe Fresh ...? Well, I found a black knit also. haha)

18. Black feather clutch. Like this one from Zara.

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