Marni for H&M

As you probably know, today marks the launch of Marni for H&M.

Marni for H&M offers a great variety of clothes and accessories, both for men and women. But beware: if you aren't a fan of patterns, then Marni might not be your favorite H&M collaboration. I myself am not really a pattern girl: I prefer simple and minimalist items. But I must say that there are some very pretty items in the Marni collection (if only in comparison with the Versace collaboration, that I didn't like at all). 

Here are my favorites:

Sweater, 179,00 CAD

Dress, 99,00 CAD

Dress, 99,00 CAD

Jacket, 199,00 CAD

Skirt, 69,95 CAD

Skirt, 99,00 CAD

Bag, 99,00 CAD

Shoes, 129,00 CAD

I so badly want this collared necklace. 
But at 25$, we all know that there won't be any left after a few hours. Booh. 
Collar, 24,95 CAD 

Bracelets, 34,95 CAD

What are your favorite Marni for H&M items? Are you going to shop Marni for H&M? If you already did, what did you buy?

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