I Want: Cheap Accessories

1. Necklace CAD15,80
2. Bag CAD 31,80
3. Bracelet CAD 9,80
4. Earrings CAD 4,80
5. Clutch CAD 31,80
6. Bracelet CAD 1,50
7. Bag CAD 41,80
8. Earrings CAD 3,80
9. Coin Purse CAD 5,80
10. Bracelet CAD 4,80
All from Forever 21.

It's January. We are all broke. Well, I know I am. To be honest, I'm on a serious shopping diet. Anyways, the clothes available in stores right now are either Boxing Day residues or previews of spring collections, which sadly we aren't going to wear before a couple of months. 

But I still get bored by my clothes (perhaps I should do another 30 for 30?). Luckily, one of the easiest ways to spice up outfits while not spending too much money is by changing or adding accessories. I enjoy going to Forever 21 when I want cheap and trendy accessories, so I took a virtual look at the accessories section. What's even better is that I found a gift card in my wallet so I might even get a couple of them for real!

Where do you shop for cheap accessories?


The Size of The Sizes

Let's talk about something that really bothers me.

Am I the only one feeling that stores like H&M and Zara's sizes are getting smaller and smaller?

Even though I might have been slimmer a few years ago, my size at H&M is constantly getting higher. To be honest, I'm almost on the verge of not being able to fit in their clothes anymore. And the terrifying thing about this is that I'm clearly not plus-size. What is going on, H&M?!

It really makes me feel angry for all the girls who might be a little bigger than me. Are those stores sending them the message that they are overweight? We all know that the population is getting bigger, so why are those stores going the opposite way? Are they trying to target younger people, maybe pre-teens for instance? And if this is the case, where are we, young (and not so young) adults going to buy our clothes? Should we just all diet? 

What are your thoughts about this?


Confessions of a Pinaholic

Wonder where I've been hiding since the beginning of 2012?

Well, I've been pinning like a mad men. On Pinterest, that is.

If you're not hooked yet, Pinterest is a virtual pinboard. And it's extremely addictive. I warn you.

You can check out rose&violette's account on Pinterest and find what inspires me in style, hair and makeup but also in various topics such as home and weddings (why not!). If you don't have a Pinterest account yet, just ask me and I'll send you an invitation, so you too can become a crazy pinner and make me feel less guilty to spend all my free time on it. Ha!

Happy pinning everyone!


Hello, 2012!


Happy New Year! Wishing everyone a very stylish 2012.

If you follow this blog for long enough, you might remember that I did make some fashion-related wishes for 2011 (see here). I think I succeeded for most of them, but this year I need to go even further with my fashion sense.

My fashion-related wishes for 2012:

1. Buying only clothes and accessories that really add something to my wardrobe.

2. Buying classic and quality items.

3. Stop following every trend that suits me and focus on building my personal style.

4. Clean up my closet more often.

5. Continue to push the limits at work and wear what I really feel like wearing (and still be professional and appropriate).

6. Continue to overdress and wear my beautiful clothes for any occasion. Life is too short to save pretty dresses for weddings (which happen like, every five years or so?).

7. Thrift more (I give it another try). 

What are your fashion-related wishes for 2012?