Violette: Casual All the Way

Vero Moda Jeans shirt, Gap shorts, Payless sandals, Simons belt (old)

There you have it, my casual self on a relaxing weekend day.

Speaking of the weekend, even with Rose's great suggestions for Osheaga, I still don't know what to wear! I guess it will depend on my mood. I'll try to take outfit pictures (if my outfit isn't too bad haha!). I'm so not used to have my picture taken by other people though... we'll see how it goes!

Have a nice weekend everyone, whether you are going to Osheaga or not!


Violette: This is (Not) Work Wear

Jacob romper, Zara sandals, H&M earrings

Well well well... I was looking for work-appropriate clothes at Jacob (everything is on sale - 50% off!) and I found this romper. As you can see, I have this abilty to really stay focused on my goals.

Yeah, right.

P.S. Rose, j'aurais aimé être à tes côtés aujourd'hui! J'y suis en pensée. <3 (Ouaiiiis.)


Violette: Pyjama Pants

Smart Set top, T.I.L. Darling pants, H&M sandals and bangles, Ardène flower pin

These pants really are the dressy version of pyjamas. Can I wear them to bed, plus all day, everyday? (I might need another pair for laundry days.)

Happy Wednesday!


Rose: In the Navy

Shirt - Esprit
Scarf - HM
Skirt - Gap
Shoes - HM
Earrings - Market

Living in France means I can indulge as much as I want in the nautical look - there are hundreds of different ways to wear it. White bottoms are very popular but I haven't found one that was perfect for me yet. The downside of this look, however, is that boat-neck striped shirt aren't particularly flattering on large chest and I'm always looking for new ways to take the attention elsewhere - a knotted scarf did the trick and is a nice alternative to chunky necklaces.

What do you think of this diversion?


Ten Items: Summer Festival

With Violette heading to Osheaga festival this week-end, I thought this post would be particularly timely. Summer festival rhymes with breezy, hip and practical pieces - have a look at the 10 items we selected:

1. Multi-print vest - Topshop - £30
2. Gladiators - Steve Madden - $70
3. Denim shorts - House of Fraser - £45
4. Fedora - Nordstrom - $18
5. Belt - ModCloth - $15
6. Cross-body bag - Topshop - £28
7. Sunglasses - Ray Ban - $75
8. Dress - ModCloth - $73
9. Wellies - Hunter of Scotland - $125
10. Cropped jacket - Republic - £30


Rose: Choco Chanel Chocolat

Cardigan - Primark
Cami - HM
Jeans - Gap
Shoes - Aldo
Earrings - Swapped

The advantage of not working in an office anymore (or not working at all, in fact) is that I can pretty much wear whatever I want, whenever I want to. Although the option of over sized fleece pieces is tempting, I don't want to fall in that habit, especially since my couch is awfully not comfortable. What's the point of being a couch potato without a proper couch (and a tv)?

I figured it would be easier to get new clothes and when I saw this cardigan at Primark during my recent trip to London, I couldn't resist. It has a Coco Chanel feel to it, no? And the red interior lining simply won me over.

P.S. The title of the post is inspired by this awful song that constantly plays on the French Virgin Radio. I hate it, but radio being radio, it's been stuck in my head for the last week.

Violette: Swapped

Zara dress, Le Château shoes, swapped bag, H&M rings, Ardène bow

I didn't get the chance to talk about the swapping event I went to on July 9th!

Organized by the S.W.A.P. Team and called Take Off Your Clothes, the swap was held at Place des Arts of Montreal. People were asked to bring old clothes and for every accepted item, a coupon was given and could be used to swap an item. I'll soon do a post on what I found at the swap but my favorite item is definitely this bag. Real leather, perfect shape, two different lenghts straps, worn out just enough... I'm so happy someone decided to get rid of it haha!

Thanks, S.W.A.P. Team! One satisfied customer swapper here!

Thrift | Everybody, Everywear


Violette: Day Job vs Blog

Forever 21 dress, T.I.L. Darling top, Zara shoes, Smart Set bracelet

I'm way too tired to think of something somewhat interesting to say. Hard times at work.

That is also why I didn't reply to any of your comments on the blog yet. I'm so sorry! As soon as I get a little bit of sleep and energy, I'll do it. Blogging is hard when your day job is draining you. Oh I'm not complaining, without this job I wouldn't buy pretty clothes! I'm grateful for it, but it sometimes it's tough. Let's just hope everything gets back to normal very soon!


Violette: How Short is Too Short?

H&M dress, Steve Madden shoes, Charlotte Russe necklace

I told you this dress was really short. Even with shorts underneath.

It's funny how I can wear short shorts and not feel half naked but not a short dress, even if the said dress is slightly longer. Maybe the heels aren't helping. I'll try wearing it with flats next time. But I think I'll probably wear this dress with skinny pants or opaque tights to stay in my comfort zone.

What do you think? Do you have the same problem with short dresses?


Violette: I Bought (T.I.L. Darling Edition)

T.I.L. Darling top, shorts, dress, top and pants

As promised, here are the clothes I bought from T.I.L. Darling. You've already seen the blue top here. Stay tuned for outfits featuring the other items!


Violette: The Wait is Over

T.I.L. Darling top, Gap shorts, H&M belt, Aldo shoes

Here's a sneak preview of the clothes I ordered from T.I.L. Darling. Remember when I asked you to guess what I chose to buy on their website? Well, I FINALLY received my order last week: It got stucked at the customs for a very long time because of Canada Post strike. Ugh. But the good news is I have new clothes and I like them. They're all a little big on me (I ordered large), but it's ok. I really prefer loose over fitted!

I'll show you the rest of my purchases next week. Meanwhile, have a nice weekend!

Please note: As part of T.I.L. blogger partnership program, I received a 50% discount on my order.


Violette: I Bought (On Sale)

Clockwise from top left: Gap shorts (22CA$), Gap shorts (13CA$), Payless sandals (25CA$), Gap top (32CA$)

Blame it all on Montreal's metro.

Yes. I was really going home after a day at work, but the metro was closed for an undetermined period of time... so instead of waiting at the central metro station with thousands of people in the unbearable heat, well I... shopped. Everything is on sale right now so it's even more tempting to do some shopping.

Plus, I was in serious need of denim shorts. Whether I like it or not, my old ones don't fit anymore (I guess they shrunk, it's the ONLY reason I see, haha!). At this price, I decided to take both shorts (a very short one but still kind of loose and a longer boyfriend cut one).

Please don't ask me to educate children about money.


Rose: (Bis)

Dress - HM
Jacket - RW&CO
Shoes - BCBG
Necklace - F21

I actually wore this a while ago, for a friend's birthday, but I didn't get the chance to get many photographs. But I love this outfit so much, I thought I could recreate it for your enjoyment and because I don't get many occasions to dress up on this side of the pond.

I remember the dress looking really odd on the rack when I tried it on, but it fits bootyliciously. Yes, I just made up that word for the sole purpose of this blog. And finding this jacket, my friend, felt like a lifetime achievement to find (slight exaggeration for way too long). I had been wanting one for over two years before I found this baby. Maybe I'm two years behind in fashion, but I don't care - I finally am the proud owner of a boyfriend jacket. Alleluia!


Violette: Channeling Princess Kate Middleton

Zara dress, H&M bangles, Steve Madden shoes, Matt & Nat bag

Well, this is what I wore for my friend's babyshower a couple of weeks ago, except for the shoes. But what did I see last week on tv? Duchess Catherine Middleton wearing a pretty yellow dress that I would like to steal with her nude pumps that look very similar to the pair I own.

So after channeling my inner Princess Leia, this week I decided to channel my inner Princess Kate.


Not too bad huh? I think I'd make a good princess. Someone please tell Harry ASAP!


Ten Items: Straw Accessories

A few years ago, straw was always associated with two things: hippies and beach. Or worse: hippies at the beach. But this season has proven that straw items don't have to be sloppy - they can be très chic!

1. Flower fedora - Tilly's - $13
2. Bow clutch - Miss Selfridge - £25
3. Headband - Nordstrom - $15
4. Bag - HM - £15
5. Wedges - My Wardrobe - $90
6. Belt - Betsey Johnson - $38
7. Flower fedora - Dorothy Perkins - £18
8. Bangles - Topshop - $40
9. Striped espadrilles - HM - £12
10. Striped bag - Endless - $40


Rose: Created in London

Cardigan - Joe Style Fresh
Dress - New Look
Sandals - Primark
Earrings - Etsy
Ring - HM

Okay the pictures were not actually taken in London but the outfit was carefully created in a changing room on Oxford St. When I visited my favourite place in the world last week, it coincided with a vibrant heat wave and most items of clothing were simply unbearable, including the t-shirt and the jeans skirt I had packed. I had no other choice than to go shopping and found these cute dress and sandals, and decided to wear it with the cardigan I had packed in the morning... in case I was cold.

See? One can never be too prepared.

I also took advantage of my time in London to wear my Eiffel Tower earrings. Because wearing them in France... well it's just like wearing a band'S t-shirt at their actual gig. Not cool!