Rose: Created in London

Cardigan - Joe Style Fresh
Dress - New Look
Sandals - Primark
Earrings - Etsy
Ring - HM

Okay the pictures were not actually taken in London but the outfit was carefully created in a changing room on Oxford St. When I visited my favourite place in the world last week, it coincided with a vibrant heat wave and most items of clothing were simply unbearable, including the t-shirt and the jeans skirt I had packed. I had no other choice than to go shopping and found these cute dress and sandals, and decided to wear it with the cardigan I had packed in the morning... in case I was cold.

See? One can never be too prepared.

I also took advantage of my time in London to wear my Eiffel Tower earrings. Because wearing them in France... well it's just like wearing a band'S t-shirt at their actual gig. Not cool!

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