Violette: All New

Top Dorothy Perkins (swapped), Jeans H&M, Glasses Warby Parker

Other new items! I got the top at the clothing swap. It was Rose's! I love it: It's soft and it's from England, so I couldn't be happier. I'm also wearing my high waisted skinnies. I wasn't sure about the high waist, but it's really comfortable. And I can always wear them with the top untuck if I wish to. Finally I wanted to show you my Warby Parker glasses. I ordered them online, which was a little scary but everything turned out just fine. I really like them!


Violette: Post Challenge

Dress Zara, Cardigan Attitude (via Sears), Boots Zara

Oh it feels so good not to be in the 30x30 challenge anymore! I can finally wear my new items. The dress is really pretty with short sleeves, but the kind of spring we are actually having doesn't allow to show them right now.

Now that the challenge is over, I feel like I still want to take outfit pictures often, but without the stress of finding the right way to showcase my entire outfit. I need more freedom. This blog is for most part a way to express myself. With the challenge, I found myself very restricted in the kind of pictures I was taking. It had become less creative for me while it needs to be fun. It's a hobby, not a job! So I might experiment a little. I would like to achieve something that depicts the reality while being esthetical. Hope you guys like it and are still with me!


Violette: I Bought

Pumps Steve Madden (via Winners)

I finally found nude pumps! In fact, they are more like a pinky nude, but it's alright for me. The hidden platform makes them easy to walk in. Expect to see them in outfit posts very soon!


Ten Items: Birds

Spring is at our doorsteps, and if you've been shopping around a little bit, you'll have noticed that bird print is very popular. Here's a very timely post of the 10 bird items I preferred:

  1. Dress - Warehouse - £45
  2. Necklace - Modcloth - $14
  3. Pouch - Modcloth - $28
  4. Earrings - Miss Selfridge - £7
  5. Cardigan - Ruche - $43
  6. Rain boots - Target - $25
  7. Ring - Urban Outfitters - $18
  8. Dress - Modcloth - $80
  9. Skirt - Modcloth - $83
  10. Blouse - Miss Selfridge - $22


Favorite Links: Feb 27-Mar 12, 2011


This week it's a double dose of favorite links: two spring trends: kimono jackets and belts, how to recreate Olivia Palermo's style for less, stars closets, Amanda Seyfrieds' hairstyle, a wavy hair tutorial, products that are tested on animals or not, 10 new hair products, a no poo/no cone curly girl story.


Rose 18x30: I Love Layers

Ten Items: J'aime Paris

If you read my other blog you will know that in fact, I don't really like Paris. But after wandering online for a while I noticed that the "Paris" theme is actually quite popular this spring (maybe it's the aftermath of the French stripes overflow?)

Since I am also moving to central France later this spring, it thought this post was very timely - am I going to have to get one of these items just for the sake of it?

Anyhow, here's the 10 items I thought looked best:

1. Tighs - Debenhams - £12
2. Necklace - JijiKiki - £12
3. Salt and pepper shakers - Modcloth - $12
4. Socks - Modcloth - $8
5. Notebook - Arden B - $13
6. Sweater - Jane Norman - £22
7. Earrings - Paris France Products - $38
8. T-shirt - River Island - £19
9. Cupcake kit - Modcloth - $13
10. Sweater - F21 - $18

And a special mention to these lovelies. Guess who bought them? ;)