Rose 30x30 TGIF

Sweater - Smart Set
Blouse - HM
Flower - HM
Jeans - RW&CO
Shoes - Feet First

Finally, it's over!

I'm glad I was able to finish this challenge this time, because I've had a bit of a rough time at the last edition.

The hardest part is not the outfit thinking, or even putting the posts up. It's the taking pictures part that I find hard. Because there are days where I cannot stand the thought of being photographed - so the post becomes more of a chore than a hobby. But I kicked my lazy butt and somehow I ended up posting this outfit.

Send me a medal, k?

Stay tuned for new outfits featuring the tons of new things Violette and I bought during last March.

1 comment:

  1. Bravo! Je te décerne une médaille d'or, tu as très bien mélangé tes vêtements, comme ce dernier avec la fleur, je trouve qu'il te va à merveille!