Violette 1x30: (Not) Pregnant Jingle

Top - H&M
Skirt - Dynamite
Tights - ???
Shoes - Aldo
Necklace - Smart Set

Here we go! First outfit of the 30x30. This top is huuuuge. I never thought I would wear a loose top with a skirt, but I found out that I kind of liked the look with a short and somewhat fitted skirt. I might look a little pregnant, but who cares? I might just get a seat in the metro... that seems alright to me!

I also want to talk about my necklace. It's pretty and all but boy did it annoy me all day! It jingled at every single one of my moves. Argggh! A coworker told me it was funny because he could keep track of me around the office haha! Not sure I'll wear it again to work though.


  1. Aw I think it's cute and you definitely kept the proportions in check by choosing a fitted short skirt!
    Hey maybe you could superglue the charms to each other? that might help the jinglying!

  2. That's a smart idea, Liz! I wouldn't have thought of that myself haha.

  3. J'aime bien la combinaison blouse large et jupe étroite et Liz a une super bonne idée pour ces bijoux qui font office de sonnette!

  4. I think this looks really comfortable, but put together at the same time. You could totally tuck that sweater in next time for a completely different look!

  5. i love the details from the zipper on the skirt to your necklace and your top is relaly pretty!

  6. Thank you everyone for your comments! :)

    To Liz: That is SO clever! But hum... me + superglue isn't a great idea, I could easily superglue my fingers to the charms! hahaha

    Any volunteer to help me..? Rose?!

    To Jade: That's also a good idea! I'll try it for sure, thank you! :)