We Bought (Plaza St-Hubert edition)

Tiny belt - thrifted - $1.50

Wool sweater - thrifted - $4

Shoes - Aldo - $50

Earrings - Ardene - 4$

Sweater - Dex Outlet - $25

Dress - Thrifted - $5

Silk cami - Thrifted - $3

Lace cardigan - Dex outlet - $15

Vest - thrifted - $3

From top to bottom:
belt (thrifted), sweater (thrifted), shoes (Aldo), earrings (Ardène), sweater (Dex), dress (thrifted), tank (100% silk! thrifted), cardigan (Dex), vest (thrifted)

Violette and I went for a little shopping trip on Plaza St-Hubert. Plaza St-Hubert is a commercial street near my home, most of the stores are a little on the cheapo side (including cheapo bridal stores), BUT there are some good store to check out, such as Dex outlet, Friperie Renaissance and Aldo outlet. Did you know that Friperie Renaissance is a non-profit organization that works with insertion programs for people that are socially challenged? Another great reason to thrift!

We have been pretty lucky with our purchases. Violette also bought 4 vintage black and white wine glasses for $3! It was my first time entering a thrift store and I am happy to report that it was a great, nonetheless time consuming, experience. The flowery dress is a bit on the small side but I think I'll just sew a black piece of fabric in the back so it matches the front and looks, well, perfect. I can't wait to wear it!


  1. Bons achats! J'aime particulièrement le chandail avec la dentelle, très sexy Rose.

  2. Merci Lulu!
    La veste est très jolie en effet, par contre le fait d'avoir de la dentelle dans le dos crée des courants d'air pour le moins surprenants!