Yay or Nay: Royal Wedding

(Love the invitation!)

Did you guys celebrate the royal wedding in any way? I sure did, early this morning, at the Burgundy Lion pub in Montreal. It was a lovely event, filled with Brits, Royalists and girly girls who just wanted to see the dress. Speaking of which:

What did you think?
I thought it was an amazingly innovative dress: it mixed classic elegance and contemporary looks, from delicate fabrics, fitted silhouette and a modern neckline. I loved everything about it!

As for me, I made sure to display the little princess in me.

Tell us what you thought about the wedding!



Rose: Mullet Outfit

Cardigan - Dex
T-Shirt - Violette's
Jeans - Smart Set
Boots - Barrats
Necklace - Violette's
Ring - Violette's

Hello strangers.
Sorry for the lack of posting. My camera is currently undergoing surgery, hence why I haven't been able to snap my outfits.

On the other hand I am SO over busy with the whole, you know, switching continents thing that I can barely fit in a photoshoot (yes, that's what I call them, in manner of Vogue and such).

So I had to go all the way over to Violette and actually put some of her clothes on to feel inspired enough to have my photograph taken. I actually love the surprise lace on the back of this cardi, kind of like a mullet.

Business in the front, party in the back.


Violette: Lover Boy

Dress Zara, Bracelet Topshop

This is what I wore to see my lover boy this weekend... my 6 month old nephew. He is adorable, I think I'm in love.


Violette: Is This An Easter Dress?

Dress H&M, Cardigan Forever 21, Shoes Aldo, Bow from another dress

I managed once again to wear a non-work dress to work! And strangely, this dress has this Easter color pattern... trust me it wasn't intended. But it's pretty funny!

Have a nice weekend! And eat lots of chocolate mmmmm!


La Caverne de Malajube

Today there is no post because Rose and I went to see Malajube's concert for their new album La Caverne.

Why not take a look at the video for the single Synesthésie? It's awesome I promise!

P.S. You can download the song on Malajube's website. And it's free!


Violette: Simplicity

Top T-shirt Pants H&M, Watch NY Chinatown, Bracelets Forever 21

Beige, white and black: A very simple outfit for work.

P.S. See my hair? I told you it doesn't really curl anymore!


Violette: Straight to The Point

Top Kensie Girl, Cardigan Attitude (Sears), Jeans H&M, Bracelets Topshop and H&M, Boots Zara

As my ultra straight hair confirms, I tried the Garnier Fructis Blowdry Perfection. I would only recommend it to you if you have great hair that's thick and ultra healthy. I thought my hair was healthy, but now it's damaged. Is it the product? The hairdryer? Or the flat iron? (that you both have to use in the process) I don't know. But my hair is now full of very short hair on top... never had that before. But it works for sure! You'll see in the next few days, my hair isn't curly anymore (or so little). And you know the worst part? I never thought I'd say that, but I miss it. I think even though I dislike being curly, it's a part of me. At least it's going to go back to its natural state in a few shampoos!

Please note: This isn't a sponsored post.


Violette: Golden Rose

Dress Zara, Jacket Icône (Simons), Jeans Belt and Flower H&M

I've been looking for a way to showcase this little golden rose that I bought on sale for 2$ at H&M... the easiest way is always on a jacket! And it's still so cold here that you really need a jacket. And a warm coat. And gloves.

Oh, well. Spring will come back.


Ten Items: Spring Brights

  1. Sunglasses - Nordstrom - $150
  2. Pumps - Dorothy Perkins - £25
  3. Handbag - Topshop - $80
  4. Dress - Dorothy Perkins - £40
  5. Earrings - Peacocks - £4
  6. Skirt - Topshop - $70
  7. Belt - J Crew - $38
  8. Pumps - Kurt Geiger - $125
  9. Watch - Marc Jacobs - $170
  10. Parka - Topshop - $50


Violette: Hooray For Friday

Tunic Kensie, Jacket Smart Set, Pants H&M

A casual work outfit to celebrate the end of the week.

Have a nice weekend everyone!


Violette: Beautiful Day

Top Dorothy Perkins (swapped), Skirt H&M, Boots Zara

Blue skies, lots of wind, demi-turban and circular skirt. Do I need to say more?


Violette: Change is Good (But Weird)

Top Attitude (via Sears), Jeans and Belt Forever 21, Necklace Simons

Wearing high waisted flare jeans is weird. I'm so used to wearing skinny jeans! And flats. With these jeans (and my height), heels are definitively a must. Lucky me, I recently discovered the magic of platforms: I highly recommend them to you. They make heels (more) comfortable. I bought platform sandals lately, I can't wait to wear them with these jeans! I don't think I'll ever completly trade my skinny jeans for flare jeans, but this summer I'll try to wear both, just for fun! Will you?


Violette: My Personal Shopper

Top H&M, Skirt Thrifted, Shoes and Bracelets Forever 21, Watch NY Chinatown

I cannot believe I thrifted this skirt! In fact, if it wasn't for Rose, who spotted it, I wouldn't have it in my possession. We now have decided that Rose is my official personal shopper, she always find these precious items I'm looking for.

The skirt had a nude lining but it made me feel naked, so I wore my black mini slip skirt over the nude lining, but under the skirt. It reminded me of the skirts like this one from Topshop... but for 7$!

Maxi Skirt/Dress  Everybody, Everywear


Violette: Cropped And Classy

Top H&M, Skirt Tristan (gifted), Shoes and Necklace Forever 21

I bought this sweater on sale at H&M, the little suedette patches attracted me to it. I rarely wear short tops, so I figured I should try it with something high waisted to keep it classy. To me, low waist + cropped top is a no-no: Somehow I always have these good old Britney images in my mind. Not exactly what I would like to project!


Friend Friday: Spring Trends

Top 5 Spring trends that we are looking forward to seeing/sporting:

Clockwise from left: Asos, Dessy, Petit Bateau, Asos, Givenchy

See the other FBFF members answers here!


Violette: Work Attire

Dress H&M, Pants H&M, Cardigan Forever 21, Bracelet Urban Behavior

This is very usual work attire for me. I enjoy wearing dresses with pants and a cardigan to work. It may not be the most stylish outfit, but it's appropriate when you have long hours of reunion ahead and you just want to be comfortable to be able to fully concentrate on your work!

So I should recall this a productive work attire.