Violette: Change is Good (But Weird)

Top Attitude (via Sears), Jeans and Belt Forever 21, Necklace Simons

Wearing high waisted flare jeans is weird. I'm so used to wearing skinny jeans! And flats. With these jeans (and my height), heels are definitively a must. Lucky me, I recently discovered the magic of platforms: I highly recommend them to you. They make heels (more) comfortable. I bought platform sandals lately, I can't wait to wear them with these jeans! I don't think I'll ever completly trade my skinny jeans for flare jeans, but this summer I'll try to wear both, just for fun! Will you?


  1. Ce modèle de jeans te vas très bien, tu as l'air très confortable. Moi, avec mes petites jambes, je n'ai aucune intention de me procurer ces jeans même avec des talons très hauts.

  2. beautiful look! <3