Montreal Fashion Week F|W12 - February 6

As you probably know, today marks the opening of Montreal's 22nd fashion week, presenting fall and winter 2012 collections. 

As much as you might love fashion, unless you 1) are part of the fashion industry or 2) have your media accreditation or 3) are invited by a designer, getting to SMM22 might not be as easy as you think.

But don't worry, you can still catch a glimpse of the fashion week! You have two options: pay to get in (and several shows aren't open to the public) or watch the shows live in the comfort of your home, on the web. Last year, I bought tickets and went to Nadya Toto's show (see my "review" here, in french). I really enjoyed the show and the overall feeling of being there as it happens, but this year I will be watching from my couch. 

My own fashion-week schedule:

Monday, February 6

18h30 - Tavan&Mitto *Open to public

19h30 - Duy *Open to public

20h30 - Mélissa Nepton

For all the shows presented on Monday and the complete fashion week schedule, click here.

To be continued tomorrow.

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