Violette: Back to Neutrals

H&M top and skirt, Aldo shoes, Ardène necklace

After wearing a bright orange skirt, I needed to go back to my beloved neutrals. I thought playing the ballerina for a day would be fun. It was!


Violette: The Orange Skirt

Forever 21 top, H&M skirt, Le Chateau shoes, Urban Behavior necklace

There you have it! A bright orange skirt. I decided to try it because it was on sale (for 10$!) and I was pleasantly surprised: I really liked the color. There was also a navy version of the skirt but I chose the orange one. Will I ever go for a color block look with it? We'll see!


Violette: I Bought

Clockwise from top left: Forever 21 bracelets, H&M sweater, belt, flower pin and skirt (on sale for 10$!), Zara jacket.

Last week I decided to add some light colored items to my summer wardrobe. You'll soon see them in outfit posts! (Except for one set of bracelets that you've already seen!)


Violette: Over the Weekend

H&M sweater and shorts, Steve Madden shoes, Warby Parker glasses, Forever 21 bracelets, Joe Fresh Fog nail polish

This weekend I was talking about 1) elbow patches and 2) this sweater.

1) A friend and I officially declared that elbow patches were cool. I add extra points for geeky glasses with it. And double extra points if you're a guy with elbow patches and geeky glasses (P.S. Wanna marry me?).

2) Then remembered I had a sweater with elbow patches. But it has 3/4 sleeves and is made of somewhat thick material so I never know when to wear it. Except for yesterday! The weather wasn't too warm or too cold : I decided to go for it and show you my super short shorts and my nude high heels at the same time.

Happy Monday everyone!


Violette: Keep it or Toss it

Zara denim jacket

I bought this light blue denim jacket thinking it would be very practical for summer nights, instead of a cardigan. I really liked the light blue color, which I thought was different then other shades of denim you usually see on a denim jacket. But... I think I have the same feeling with this jacket as I do with faux-leather jackets. I'm not sure if it feels like "me".

So that's why I need your help! What do you think about it? Should I keep it or toss it? Do you have any denim jacket yourself?

* * *

P.S. Bonne Saint-Jean-Baptiste!

Pour moi, la Saint-Jean est avant toute chose la célébration de notre particularité qui me tient le plus à coeur: notre belle langue française. Vous pensez peut-être que j'ai l'air hypocrite de dire ça alors que le blogue est pratiquement seulement en anglais. Croyez-moi, le blogue est en anglais uniquement pour des raisons de visibilité et d'opportunités. Si j'avais la possibilité de faire du blogue mon travail principal (c'est-à-dire avoir plus de temps à y consacrer...!), chaque billet serait bien évidemment bilingue. D'ici là (on peut bien rêver, non?), bonne fête à tous les Québécois et Canadiens français et pourquoi pas, à tous ceux dans le monde qui parlent français!

Je vous laisse avec une chanson d'un groupe qui prouve que la langue française permet une grande poésie et qu'on peut en faire de la très bonne musique, loin de celle des spectacles de la St-Jean-Baptiste qu'on nous présente à la télévision...


Violette: Half Bright

H&M dress worn as a top, Forever 21 skirt, Aldo shoes, Ardène ring, Joe Fresh Rainforest nail polish

For its first day out, I decided to wear this dress as a top, to slowly become used to the brightness of it. I still feel it's quite a statement dress, but I'll try to wear it by itself next time!


Yay or Nay: Backless and Back cut out dresses

Left to right: Nightcap Clothing, Shop318, Thayer Clothing, Madison Marcus, Elizabeth and James.

I personally LOVE those dresses. I have one very similar to the Madison Marcus (that I yet have to show you on the blog). It's not something for work, obviously, but I like to show my back because it's sexy without trying too hard. And I hate showing cleavage (which I don't have anyway). To me, the only problem with showing my back is the kind of bra to wear. Most of the times I'll show off my bra, I just can't go without one.

What do you think about backless and back cut out dresses?


Violette: Too Much Fajitas

Vero Moda Jeans shirt, H&M jeans, Charlotte Russe necklace, Aldo shoes

I didn't eat too much fajitas when I wore this but I have as I write this post and seeing those pictures remind me how comfortable this outfit was. Even if I'm wearing skinny jeans, these are the "super squin" jeans from H&M and they feel like jeggings but with a little more structure, so yes this outfit is really made to eat too much fajitas. This or my pajamas. Guess which one I'm wearing right now!

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Violette: How to Wear a Short Dress to Work

BCBG Generation dress, Smart Set jacket

1. Choose your day wisely. I chose Friday because a lot of my coworkers don't work on Fridays and we don't usually have important meetings.
2. Pair it with something professional. I added a jacket.
3. Keep the top modest. If you're going short on the bottom, don't show any cleavage.
4. Choose a dress that isn't too tight. (A short bodycon dress to work is a no-no.)
5. Wear flats. Save the heels for a night out.
6. Most important: act normal. Don't let your behavior betray you!

P.S. Results may vary.

Do you have any tips on how to wear a short dress to work?


Violette: Copycat

Zara dress, Forever 21 cardigan, Aldo shoes, Expression via The Bay ring

One of my friends bought this dress, in beige. I really liked it so I simply copied her, but in black. (Don't worry, I asked her if it was okay with her. It was, luckily, because I already bought the dress ha!)

I don't typically like to have the same clothes as my friends, but I thought this dress was perfect for work: length to the knees and very large straps. It's supposed to be an empire waist dress, but I bought it a size up to make it more flowly. And no one even noticed this dress was the same as my friend, so everything is alright! (But my secret is now revealed.)

Have a nice weekend everyone!


Rose: Mom Jeans? Check!

Tunic - HM
Belt - Suki
Jeans - Gap
Shoes - BCBG

So I have these capri jeans. I never really know how to wear them, but I can never bring myself to throw them away because they're comfy and really useful for travel. I decided to dress them up a little bit by adding red shiny shoes and a waist belt.

P.S. I also thought of naming this post "How To Not Look Like a French Lady". I'm wearing too much makeup (!!!), I'm way too put together and I'm wearing too many bright colours. Be warned.


Welcome, T.I.L. Darling!

Did you notice the banner at the left? rose&violette has teamed up with T.I.L. Darling and we couldn't be happier to have our first partner!

T.I.L. Darling is an online boutique that offers clothes for the young and stylish woman who like to stand out without breaking the bank. Brands like Alternative Apparel, Elsey Collection, Jack BB Dakota and Ya Los Angeles are available on their site. Check out some of their clothes:

P.S. Just for fun! I ordered 5 items from T.I.L. Darling. Three of them are listed above, can you guess which ones? And can you find the two other items on T.I.L. Darling's website? Tell us in the comments!


Rose: Casualace

T-Shirt - Smart Set
Tank - Smart Set
Jeans - Gap
Sandals - Zara
Necklace - HM

So you guys thought I forgot about you, eh?
I didn't. I just needed some time to settle, and mostly sleep. The weeks before I left drained me!

The lace tank is probably one of the oldest items in my wardrobe. I bought during summer 2006. Very few items last that long! I just always find an occasion to wear it, like for this challenge. It also looks good layered with a cami or a button-down shirt (or up, really, it's your choice. is the glass half empty or half full?).

Lace | Everybody, Everywear


Violette: I Bought

Left to right: H&M, H&M, H&M, Zara

Left to right: Vero Moda jeans, Zara, BCBG Generation, Zara

Expression via The Bay

Well, that is quite a shopping spree. For those who might be worried with my budget, I didn't buy all this at the same time... and I had some gift cards to spent at H&M and The Bay. As we speak, I'm not sure if I'll keep everything, but I'm pleased with my purchases. The ring is my favorite. I really love it.

You can bet the next outfit posts will include these items!


Violette: Eyes Wide Shut

Gap dress, Dex cardigan, Aldo shoes, H&M bangles

Not the movie. My eyes. I guess I could say that closed eyes season has begun! In the summer, I just can't look in the sun's direction, so this is what happens in my outfit pictures. You have the choice: either closed eyes or sunglasses. I prefer closed eyes. At least you can see my pretty eyeliner!

Have a great weekend everyone!


Violette: Obsessed

Top H&M, Skirt Forever 21, Shoes Le Château, Bracelets Ardène

I think I'm a little obsessed over small details that nobody would even notice.

For example, take the outfit I'm wearing... looks simple, huh? No! Honestly, I'm obsessed about the shape of the skirt (scalopped edges I might say to be exact) and I wanted to replicate it somewhere in my outfit. So I decided to pair the skirt with a top that has a round detail, in the front. See? Am I genius? Am I crazy? Hum... probably both.


Ten Items: Colour Block

1. Ginger, cream and black dress - Dorothy Perkins - £32
2. Sandals - Zara - $110
3. Pink and beige top - Dorothy Perkins - £25
4. Belt - Dorothy Perkins - £10
5. Pink and red top - Dorothy Perkins - £20
6. Flats - Zara - $70
7. White, red and black dress - Karen Millen - $225
8. Pink, black and white dress - t.i.l. darling - $20
9. Purple and coral dress - Dorothy Perkins - £28
10. Handbag - Kate Spade - $215


Violette: Meet my New Hair Color

Top and Necklace Smart Set, Shorts Supertrash via Simons, Sandals Zara, Bracelets H&M

Ok. I've made you wait long enough, here is my new hair color! What do you think? I honestly have to get used to it. It's been a while since I wore my hair a little darker. After all my hair disasters, I've became much more scared of changes. The color will lighten up for sure because it's a toner. But I'm very curious to see how my roots will show: this blonde is closer to my natural hair color. I guess it's a story to be continued!


Violette: I Bought (Matt&Nat Edition)

As some of you already know if you follow us on twitter or on Facebook, I went to Matt&Nat sample sale. This sale happens two times a year and you can get beautiful handbags for a lot less.

I splurged and I bought two handbags and a wallet. Both handbags can be worn with or without the long strap, which is really practical. They are a little smaller than what I'm used to, but I was actually looking for smaller handbags for going out. I was also looking for a wallet because my actual wallet (also from Matt&Nat) had no paper money space. Very pleased with my purchases!

P.S. If you want to see a picture of my new hair color... it's exlcusively on our Facebook page since Saturday! Check it out and please like our page! Outfit post coming up tomorrow on the blog.


Violette: First time, Last time

Top H&M, Skirt Thrifted, Necklace Terra Nostra

First time... I've worn something bare legs in 2011.

Last time... you'll see my hair that light! Yes, I changed my haircolor. I'll soon show you! Of course, if you follow us on twitter, you've already seen a sneak preview, lucky you!

P.S. The brand of my skirt is "Pretty Woman". How could you not buy it?!