Violette: Over the Weekend

H&M sweater and shorts, Steve Madden shoes, Warby Parker glasses, Forever 21 bracelets, Joe Fresh Fog nail polish

This weekend I was talking about 1) elbow patches and 2) this sweater.

1) A friend and I officially declared that elbow patches were cool. I add extra points for geeky glasses with it. And double extra points if you're a guy with elbow patches and geeky glasses (P.S. Wanna marry me?).

2) Then remembered I had a sweater with elbow patches. But it has 3/4 sleeves and is made of somewhat thick material so I never know when to wear it. Except for yesterday! The weather wasn't too warm or too cold : I decided to go for it and show you my super short shorts and my nude high heels at the same time.

Happy Monday everyone!

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