Yay or Nay: Royal Wedding

(Love the invitation!)

Did you guys celebrate the royal wedding in any way? I sure did, early this morning, at the Burgundy Lion pub in Montreal. It was a lovely event, filled with Brits, Royalists and girly girls who just wanted to see the dress. Speaking of which:

What did you think?
I thought it was an amazingly innovative dress: it mixed classic elegance and contemporary looks, from delicate fabrics, fitted silhouette and a modern neckline. I loved everything about it!

As for me, I made sure to display the little princess in me.

Tell us what you thought about the wedding!


  1. Quelle merveilleuse robe! Wow. J'ai beaucoup aimé le dos aussi!

    Rose, tu es trop cute avec ta couronne! :)

  2. Rose, je te verrais très bien dans cette robe à ton mariage!