Rose: I Want

Although I am not technically allowed to shop, I realized that I have a few gift certificates to spend before I leave for France. Trying to mix business with pleasure, I am looking for good looking yet long lasting items.

(As you can see I basically went nuts browsing the Zara website. Can't wait to get to the store Thursday, with my trustee advisor Violette!)

(Of course I can't afford ALL of these items. But if any of you want to contribute to my foundation, all donations are welcome.)

Denim capris - Smart Set - $44
Lace Top - Forever 21 -$18
Flower T-Shirt - Zara - $29
Polka Dot Tube Top - Zara - $15
Striped sweater - Zara - $20
Textured Vest - Zara - $12
Nautical Bag - Smart Set - $32
Flats - Keds - $45


  1. So after going to Zara with my trustee advisor, I am afraid to report that I haven't found anything! I loved the flowery dress but they didn't have it in my size. But I did get the navy bag and the denim bermudas. I think they're going to be key-items for my summer in France!

    Tonight, I'm off to check out the shoes and to try to spend my gift certificate at RW&CO. We'll see!

  2. Pourquoi je suis certaine que tu vas trouver quelque chose à acheter avant de partir?? Si tu ne trouves rien, Violette pourra s'en charger avec plaisir.....