Favorite Links: March 20-26, 2011

This week: shoes, palazzo pants, pink, Alexa Chung, platinum blonde, pregnant style, hair care and nasty ingredients in nail polishes.

Women + shoes = love. (via USA today) I won't say how many pairs I own... and how many I REALLY wear.

Speaking of shoes, here are 5 shoe trends for spring (via College Fashion). I love the wooden platforms, the sliver wedges (plus learning a new english word), and the loafers. I also love the colorful sandals, but not on me. Which ones do you like?

Palazzo pants are back! (via Fashion Telegraph) Like it?

Le rose comme tendance printemps-été 2011. J'aime le rose. Et vous? (via Tendances de mode)

Alexa Chung for Madewell. So cute, as always. (Although I'm not a major fan of suspenders.) I LOVE the pumps she's wearing... anybody knows where they are from?

Platinum blonde. (via I love it. I wouldn't do it with my longer hair, but I still love platinum blonde. Do you?

10 things men hate about women's wardrobe. (via Fashion Telegraph) No wonder I'm single. Boo.

What to wear when you're pregnant. Considering what I just said, I'm definitely not. But a close friend of mine is. So here are 6 outfits ideas from Elle UK and maternity star style (also via Elle UK).

Is your hair long? Then you might want to know these 5 care tips for long hair (via refinery 29)

It's not the first time I'm talking about the no-poo no-cone method for curly hair. Here's a great article on this method (via College Fashion).

I don't like to find out things like this... but I thought I should share. 3 scary ingredients hiding in your nail polish (via College Fashion).


  1. J'aime et je possède beaucoup de chaussures que je ne porte pas souvent. Le palazzo, je n'aime pas du tout. J'aime le rose pour les autres, comme le rouge, je n'ai aucun vêtement de ces couleurs.