Rose 15x30: Houston, We Had a Problem

Cardigan - Aubainerie
Button-down - HM
Cami - HM
Belt - Thrifted
Skirt - RW&CO
Shoes - Aldo

I really like this button-down (or actually, button half) shirt but I have a hard time wearing it. It's a bit tight in the bust area and I hate wearing white underneath, so I went with this tangerine-white striped cami and I am quite pleased with the result.

Do you have problematic items in your wardrobe? What's your favourite solution - buy or remix?


  1. Remix. I have a blouse that is just a tad too short. I just put a long tank underneath.
    I like the stripes. :)

  2. Bel effet : la ceinture rouge et les lignes de la camisole vont couper sur le noir et blanc. Ça te va très bien.

  3. Thanks Liz! :)

    The joys of remixing. Or maybe it's just the magic of the 30x30 challenge!

  4. Très bonne idée la petite cami rouge lignée!