Rose 18x30: I Love Layers

Black sweater - Smart Set
White t-shirt - HM
Necklace - HM
Jeans - RW&CO
Shoes - Aldo

Layers are magical. Whether you choose to have one, two or more, it changes the complete feel of your outfit. Plus, it's an easy way to try new items together. Like this black sweater, for example - I love it but it's not easy to remix, because it's a deep v-neck and a bit on the short side. This white t-shirt is the perfect solution to days where I want to be more casual and conservative.

I don't know if it's the red hair, but I've been wearing a lot more white lately (and a lot less colour in general, as I feel my hair is one big piece of accessory and attracts enough attention by itself).


  1. Tu as raison d'aimer les superpositions, elles créent de nouveaux effets avec les chandails très ordinaires. De plus, celui-là te va à merveille.

  2. Merci Lulu :)
    J'aime de plus en plus le blanc. C'est peut-être grâce à mes nouveaux cheveux qui me donnent plus de vie!

  3. J'adore ce look, vraiment! Et c'est vrai que le blanc te va super bien, profites-en pendant que tu es rousse! ;)