Favorite Links: Feb 27-Mar 12, 2011


This week it's a double dose of favorite links: two spring trends: kimono jackets and belts, how to recreate Olivia Palermo's style for less, stars closets, Amanda Seyfrieds' hairstyle, a wavy hair tutorial, products that are tested on animals or not, 10 new hair products, a no poo/no cone curly girl story.

Spring trend: kimono jacket (via College Fashion). Would you wear it?

Spring's best belts (via In Style).

Rose and I love her style and we aren't the only ones! How to dress like Olivia Palermo for less. (via College Fashion)

Let's dream a little: stars closets. (via In Style)

I really loved Amanda Seyfrieds hairstyle at the Red Riding Hood premiere. (via bellasugar)

This wavy hair tutorial looks fairly easy and I love the result! I didn't try it yet, and I'm not quite sure what it would do with my curly hair... but it doesn't cost a thing to try! (via Orchid Grey)

This is really sad. Most of my products are tested on animals... I might want to switch. Do you? (via The Moving Target)

10 new hair products (via Refinery 29). Did you tried one of these?

I've talk a little about my no poo (low poo) no cones hair routine here. Well, here is another convinced curly girl. (via The Frisky) When the 30x30 challenge is going to be over, I'll do a post on that.


  1. I am definitely tempted to switch my products to save animals! Since I buy most of my products at the drugstore, I'm glad Revlon is an option.

  2. J'aime bien les kimonos et les ceintures. J'aimerais bien avoir un placard de ce genre!