Rose 21x30 Misconceptions

Cardigan - Smart Set
Shirt - HM
Belt - Aldo
Jeans - Levis
Earrings - HM
Shoes - FeetFirst

I always said that belting open cardigans made me look like I was trying too hard to show my waist. It worked on others, yet not so much on me. This statement definitely isn't right with that outfit - maybe because I chose a skinny belt? Anyhow I really like how it turned out. And I got to wear my matching and very, very old earrings (summer '06 if I'm not mistaken).

What's the oldest item in your current wardrobe (that you care to admit)?


  1. J'aime bien cette combinaison de tons. La ceinture argent donne vraiment du punch à ce look.

  2. Eh bien, cette façon de ceinturer la veste fonctionne! Tant mieux! :)

    Comme dit Lulu, la ceinture argent donne du punch!