Rose 24x30 Business and Pleasure

Cardigan - Joe Fresh
Jeans - Levis
Sweater - HM
Shoes - FeetFirst
Earrings - Smart Set

Notice the furry gray tornado on the middle picture? That's crazy cat being crazy after an explosion inside her tiny head. But she's cute, so it's okay to be crazy (How I Met Your Mother fans, remember Barney's crazy/hot chick scale?)

And yet another layered outfit. I hope you aren't getting tired of them.

I had a hard time picturing this cardigan in a casual fashion - I really feel it's more business than pleasure. Like the front part of a mullet.


  1. Moi je trouve qu'il est tout à fait approprié pour le "pleasure" ce cardigan! Justement, il habille le jeans. Très bel ensemble!

  2. La couleur mauve convient très bien aux rousses ou presque rousses. Moi j'aime bien ces frisons, l'ensemble est simple et habillé.