Rose 23x30 This May Seem Familiar

Dress - HM
Sweater - HM
Necklace - F21
Shoes - Aldo

The famous combo of a striped sweater and LBD. Always a winning combination. Violette wore something similar here, and well, pretty much all other fashion blogger wore this outfit at least once.

I would’ve liked the collar of my dress to be a little lower so the collar of my striped shirt would show, but in the end it doesn’t look that bad. It’s as if my striped arms are a surprise in the outfit. You expected conservatism with that dress? Bam, how’s stripes for ya?!


  1. Hihihi! J'aime beaucoup! Tu as l'air d'une petite tannante!

    J'aime aussi la photo de plus près. C'est un plan que tu devrais faire plus souvent :)

  2. Tu es très jolie, ceci te va très bien. Tu as dû avoir des compliments aujourd'hui!