Violette: I Bought

Dress (Zara)
seen here

High waist skinny jeans (H&M)

Sweater (Attitude via Sears)

Necklaces and earrings (Charlotte Russe)
Thank you Rose for the order!

Our 30x30 isn't finish yet but as you might know, Rose and I decided to do a shopping ban for the month of February only.

Of course, a few days after the end of our shopping ban... I needed to go shopping, haha! In my case, the shopping ban isn't that beneficial. It only makes me focus even more on shopping! It's like someone on a diet. If you can't eat chips, boy are you going to jump in the bag when you'll be allow to eat some! As you can see, I didn't spend that much. I have a budget and I must respect it. But I doubt I'll do a shopping ban again. I prefer to eat some chips everytime I'm craving them than eat the whole bag in one time... the same goes for shopping.

Did you ever go on a shopping ban? How did it turn out?


  1. Beaux achats. J'adore le chandail et les bijoux. J'achète rarement beaucoup à la fois, j'y vais souvent et j'achète sur coup de coeur ou par besoin pour une occasion spéciale. C'est probablement pour ça que mes vêtements ne "matchent" pas souvent ensemble et que je passe beaucoup de temps à harmoniser le tout.

  2. Très beaux achats! Tu pourras remixer tes deux hauts avec tes pantalons.

    J'adore la petite robe et le brillant du chandail!

  3. And the necklace seems familiar. I think we're going to see it a lot around here! ;)