Violette: I Want

Today marks the end of our shopping ban. Yay!

We aren't done with the 30x30 challenge yet, but prior to the challenge, Rose and I decided to do the shopping ban part of the challenge for the month of February only. We'll continue (and finish!) the challenge, but we are now allowed to shop. In a way, it's kind of a tease because if we shop, we won't wear the new additions to our wardrobe before a couple of weeks haha!

To celebrate this day, I made a little list of what I want right now.

Polka dot dress (Zara, 59,90 CAD)

Handbag (Zara, 99,90 CAD)

Red shoes with block heel (Aldo, 80 CAD)

Warby Parker prescription glasses, 95 USD

Nude pumps (Aldo, 80 CAD)

Katy Perry for OPI, Shattered

Wide-leg jeans (Gap, 79,50 CAD)

Oxford-style ballerinas (Aldo, 60 CAD)

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  1. Très bon choix. J'ai hâte de te voir avec ça!