Rose 17x30 Defying the Law is Fine (Great, In Fact)

Sweater dress - HM
Blouse - Smart Set
Skinnys - Smart Set
Necklace - HM
Ring - HM
Shoes - Aldo

I woke up this morning not wanting to go to work or getting out of bed in the first place, as trying to get anywhere on time would be pointless due to the second snowstorm of the week. So I decided to do a little trick: defy the office laws. Play with fire. Tempt the devil. I wore my dark skinny jeans on a Thursday! Close enough to casual Friday but still not quite there yet. But what happened, you ask?

Some people noticed. Some people stared. But not one dared to say a word. I felt so very cool and above everything. Is that a contemporary version of the bad kid story? You know, the one who stood in the corner of the playground during recess, with dirty hair and a leather coat?

I was that kid today. Much cleaner. But just as cool.


  1. Je ne vois rien de choquant avec ces jeans, ceux qui semblaient étonnés te trouvaient probablement très mode et très différente et devaient te trouver très jolie, mais n'ont pas oser parler.

  2. Mais Lulu, en théorie, je ne suis pas supposée porter de jeans au travail. Les règles vestimentaires qui me sont imposées sont plus strictes que celles de Violette!

  3. Tu es beaucoup trop belle.

    C'est tout.