Violette: I Bought (On Sale)

Clockwise from top left: Gap shorts (22CA$), Gap shorts (13CA$), Payless sandals (25CA$), Gap top (32CA$)

Blame it all on Montreal's metro.

Yes. I was really going home after a day at work, but the metro was closed for an undetermined period of time... so instead of waiting at the central metro station with thousands of people in the unbearable heat, well I... shopped. Everything is on sale right now so it's even more tempting to do some shopping.

Plus, I was in serious need of denim shorts. Whether I like it or not, my old ones don't fit anymore (I guess they shrunk, it's the ONLY reason I see, haha!). At this price, I decided to take both shorts (a very short one but still kind of loose and a longer boyfriend cut one).

Please don't ask me to educate children about money.

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