The Size of The Sizes

Let's talk about something that really bothers me.

Am I the only one feeling that stores like H&M and Zara's sizes are getting smaller and smaller?

Even though I might have been slimmer a few years ago, my size at H&M is constantly getting higher. To be honest, I'm almost on the verge of not being able to fit in their clothes anymore. And the terrifying thing about this is that I'm clearly not plus-size. What is going on, H&M?!

It really makes me feel angry for all the girls who might be a little bigger than me. Are those stores sending them the message that they are overweight? We all know that the population is getting bigger, so why are those stores going the opposite way? Are they trying to target younger people, maybe pre-teens for instance? And if this is the case, where are we, young (and not so young) adults going to buy our clothes? Should we just all diet? 

What are your thoughts about this?

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