Aurevoir 2010, Bonjour 2011!

Guess where I'll be to welcome 2011?!

Hope I'm not agoraphobic hahaha! I guess we'll find out.

I wish everyone a very good year!

I would like to share with you my fashion-related wishes (I prefer to call them wishes and not resolutions, because we don't keep them anyway, so why bother!) for 2011.

1. Have the guts to wear what I want to wear at work, despite the looks or the comments I might get. I like to be professional, but since we don't have a dressing code... I want to try to push the limits a little more. (Mom: I said a LITTLE more, not DRESS-TO-GET-FIRED more, haha!)

2. Have the guts to overdress if I feel like it. Is it me or we often tone our look to "fit" in the crowd? Even if everybody is going to be in jeans, why not wear a dress if I want to?

3. Wear my beautiful clothes and shoes WITHOUT a special occasion. Are you like me, often "saving" your clothes for special events only? Why isn't everyday special? Plus, I'll get more uses of my clothes if I do that.

4. Buy only things that I will really wear. How often do I end up with unworn clothes in my closet? (The cruel answer is: Way too often.)

5. Thrift more.

And you, what are your personal fashion-related wishes for 2010?


  1. 1. Win gazillions of dollars in order to buy all I want.

    2. Thrift more. I agree with you. Although sometimes the task can be quite daunting.

    3. Buy higher quality items. I often realize that after a wash or two, the item doesn't fit the same and I end up not wearing it.

  2. Comme je me lasse rapidement de mes vêtements parce que la mode change trop vite, cette année, je vais essayer de me contenter du minimum et n'aller acheter que ce qui me plaît au moment où j'en ai besoin, pas avant.

  3. Rose: I agree with you for #1!!!

    Lulu: Merci d'avoir partagé avec nous ce voeu pour la nouvelle année! C'est en effet très sage... mais c'est si difficile à faire!