Violette: I Bought

Dress - Rachel Roy (La Baie)

Isn't this dress way too pretty?!

I bought it for my sister's 25th wedding anniversary in February. I waited after Christmas to start looking for a dress, but I never thought I was going to find one so soon! I was shopping for other things when I saw it on a mannequin, I loved the fur-ry texture with little silver strands, and oh, how I loved the big pinky-nude bow! I looked for it in the racks, you know, just to satisfy my curiosity... but then I found out that it was on sale 50% off. I mean, this deal was too good to pass by... so I allowed myself to try the dress on. And... I felt in love with it (even though it's a little on the short side, but it's wearable), so I just HAD to get it!

I'm not showing any picture of the dress on me because I want to show you how I styled it for the party. And I want to find ways to wear it more casually, even though it's a statement dress.

So, stay tuned!


  1. Une robe à POIL! J'adore cette robe surtout avec la boucle rose Annie...dans les dents repent!

  2. Elle est QUE trop belle cette robe! Misère du bon dieu je vais avoir l'air ortho à côté de toi!

  3. Bravo, belle trouvaille! Très originale, tu vas faire sensation.

  4. I thought you bought this for New Year's Eve! It would have been perfect! :D

  5. Merci les filles pour vos commentaires!

    À Nancy: hahaha! Tu es trop drôle!

    À Mé: Arrête, même avec cette robe je ne t'arriverai pas à la cheville ;)

    À Lulu: Merci! J'ai bien hâte de voir si les gens vont l'aimer autant que moi!

    À Vivian: Thank you! No it wasn't for NYE 2011... but I might wear it for NYE 2012! Why not? :D