Violette: New Year's eve outfit

Dress - Smart Set
Booties - Franco Sarto (Winners)
Tights - ???
Belt- Ribbon from another dress
Headband - H&M
Bracelets - Simons
Bag - Thrifted

Since I won't have the opportunity to wear a cute outfit for New Year's eve (see this post), I decided to find a reason to dress up anyway... and show you what I would have liked to wear!

This is a dress I first bought for Christmas, but then I was not 100% comfortable with the sheerness for a family event. Even though it's not a family dress, I think it's a nice way to show some skin without feeling naked. I'm really not a cleavage kind of girl, so with this dress I still feel covered. I also think it's a versatile dress. I'll try to show you a more casual version of it in another post.

As for the shoes, I thought of maybe going with stilettos, but I went with the booties because they give a nice modern and edgy vibe to the outfit. I accessorized with a belt (ribbon), a beautiful headband that is almost like jewellery, some bracelets and that's it. Ah, and the bag. A bag with a long strap is nice because it keeps your hands free. Finally, I opted for a glittery makeup that says paaaartyyyy!

And you, what are you going to wear on New Year's eve? Do you like to dress up for the occasion or you prefer a more relaxed outfit?


  1. Super cute ta robe. Je ne l'ai pas vue en magasin (je dois être due pour y retourner... ooon!)

    Et y'a que toi pour bien porter des accessoires de cheveux aussi jolis ! Je crois que ce sont mes cheveux droits, mais sur moi, c'est juste pas beau du tout.

    Tu t'habilleras comme ça pour notre soirée si tu veux! ;)

  2. Trop jolie Violette! J'adore ta parure de cheveux, tout te va bien. Moi, j'ai une robe Kensie Girl tout en paillettes noires, je vais surprendre la famille!

  3. Merci les filles!

    À Rose: Oui je pense que le fait d'avoir les cheveux frisés aide à porter ce genre de parure. Faut bien qu'il y ait des avantages à ça! haha

    À Lulu: Oh wow! Je suis sure que tu vas faire sensation avec ta robe à paillettes! Je suis un peu jalouse! ;)