Violette: Remember Me?

Remember this pretty face?!

Haha just kidding. I thought it's been so long that you wouldn't remember how I look like!

Top - thrifted
Jeans - H&M
Booties - Franco Sarto (Winners)
Earrings - gift (but I think they're from Aldo)

After being inspired by Alexa Chung, I thought I'd try to incoporate a litte Alexa in my look. (Maybe then Alex Turner will suddenly appear. Well, he still HASN'T. Boo.)

So I thought a little grandma-ish top would be nice. This is my first thrifted piece of clothing. I trifted a lot of belts and bags, but I never seemed to find anything in the clothing area. It's so hard! I look way too fast... and to be honest I was close not to try this top on. But then, I saw the lace (I now have a thing for lace, I warn you) and the blue-grey-almost-like-denim color and decided to give it a try... and I loved it!

I think that worn this way (sleeves rolled, tucked only in the front), it gives the top a modern touch, paired with skinny jeans and FABULOUS booties. It's a shame I never got to wear them, I must admit I'm scared of 1) falling while wearing them (I do fall a lot. More than the average person, so imagine the damage in heels!) and 2) get them dirty (I know I'm crazy). But man, do they look good. They are really high (for me)... but they manage to be my most comfortable heel, probably due to the wedge. I paid a lot for them. Are expensive shoes more comfortable than cheap shoes? I never pay a lot for heels, because I seldom wear them (i.e. I always walk), but then, my feet hurts when I wear them, so I don't. Argh! Do you have this problem with heels?

By the way, I will do some testing here and there in my home to find the best spot for my outfit pictures. I find this spot is a little too dark. It's wayyyy to cold to take pictures outside (and you would get tired of my puffy coat and snow boots...!), and it gets dark around 4:30 PM, so I need to be inside to have some light. And it's going to be like that... for the next 3-4 months haha! I know it isn't the best but it's better than nothing, right?


  1. Grandma tops look so ungrandma on you! You always pull them off!

    PS are you still waiting for Alex Turner to show up?

  2. C'est qui Alex Turner? ha ha ha!
    Rose a tout dit sur ton look.
    Je me suis procurée de belles bottes cuissardes et je n'ai pas encore osé les porter, en plus, comme les talons sont très hauts, je ne peux pas marcher dans la neige ou sur la glace avec ça! J'attends une occasion.... (mauvais achat)

  3. Thank you Rose, you're too nice!

    Merci Lulu pour ton commentaire! Hum... on a tous des mauvais achats faut croire. Peut-être pourras-tu les porter ce printemps avant qu'il ne fasse trop chaud?