Rose: I Want

Hello back, readers.

This is the newest instalment of my wish list, although I am very aware that wish list season is pretty much over for another 363 days. Anyhow, me being me, I still have a few needs that have yet to be fulfilled.

Hear that, boyfriend? Mother? Violette?

Lace shell - Gap - $35

Swarovski Starfish Earrings - $70

I've been eyeing these for a couple of years. Really, boyfriend? Haven't I made myself clear?

Flowery knit shirt (can't decide about the colour)
F21 - $23

Waterproof and cute winter boots
DKNY - $200

I might actually have to get these, because I don't have chic waterproof boots, I only have these bulky, short, nuclear-war-proof boots that don't look so cool on an everyday basis.

Wool sweater dress (that doesn't itch)
Smart Set - $49

Of course, this is only a short, very short, sample of the items I have on my mind. I better start working on a telethon or something if I want to get everything I think of.


  1. I hear that Rose! Too bad not only Christmas has passed, but also your birthday! haha

    I really like the lace shell and the sweater dress. BTW, don't we have a discount at Smart Set in January?! ;)

  2. De bien belles choses, et je te les souhaite, tout ça t'ira très bien.

  3. Quick update: I ended up buying black boots (the same as Violette!) and a shirt dress at HM. I figured the rest wasn't that necessary. :)