Violette: I Want (Birthday Edition, Part 2)

Here is my birthday wishlist, part 2. (You can see part 1 here.)

(Click on the numbers below for the links.)

1. Cute makeup pouch. Like this one from Madewell.

2. The prettiest ballerinas/slippers of the world. Like these from Madewell (tell me if you find a cheaper version... I really want them!)

3. Nude slip dress. Like this one from Gap.

4. Perfect blue dress. Like this one from Zara.

5. Camera (and a cordless remote, not shown). Like this one from Canon.

6. Expresso and cappucino single-cup machine. Like this one from Nespresso (Please note: picture and link aren't the same.)

7. 9. 11. Winter hats. Like these from Urban Outfitters, Forever 21 and Harricana.

8. Leather skirt or shorts. Like this skirt from Madewell.

10. Medallion necklace. Like this one from Madewell.

12. Polka dot anything. Like this polka dot mini skirt from Zara.

13. Funny wall/window sticker. Like this "Warning: Obese cat inside" sticker from Loyal Luxe.

14. 16. Brain-related items. Like these phrenology head and brain poster both from Urban Outfitters.

15. Leopard handbag/clutch. Like this one from Forever 21.

17. Top with leather inserts. Like this t-shirt from Zara.

18. Pretty cat house. Like this one from Loyal Luxe.

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