Marie Saint Pierre for Reitmans

Marie Saint Pierre + Reitmans? It might sounds odd, but it's true... and I must say, I really like the result. Of course now I need one of those dresses.

Marie Saint Pierre has created a collection of 10 (party) dresses for Reitmans, including a few dresses for plus and petite sizes. Priced at 85CA$, these little black dresses aren't going to last long! I will definitely take at look at the collection, starting this Thursday November 10th (that's tomorrow, yay!).

Here are my favorite dresses from the collection (the last one is my favorite-favorite... but it's a petite dress, booh.) (If I see it, I'll try it even though. You aren't held responsible if the dress rips while you try it, right?)

All images: Reitmans

EDIT: I went to Reitmans today (November 10th) to see the collection. Unfortunately, I really wasn't impressed with the quality. I didn't like the material of the dresses and overall, I thought they looked a little cheap. Even if I know that I couldn't ask for high quality designer clothes at 85$, maybe my expectations were too high.

Did you see the collection in stores? How did you find it? Did you buy a dress?

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