Rose: My Birthday Wishlist

  1. Merde, il pleut! umbrella: because it's a fun way to face the winter weather.
  2. Flowery business cards holder: because now that I have some, I feel bad just leaving them in my wallet.
  3. Black lace dress: because I desperately want one, but can't seem to actually find any.
  4. Flowery dress: because it's pretty, even though I have no occasion to wear it.
  5. Fair isle sweater dress: because I am in desperate search of fair isle items.
  6. Earrings: because I like the chic feel to them.
  7. Cupcake kit: because I have housewife hobbys.
  8. Black ballerinas: because I had to throw mine in the garbage.
  9. Purple low-heel wedges: because they're on sale and well, they're purple.
  10. Black knee-high boots: because I don't have fall boots, and they're just amazing.
  11. iPhone 4: because I am sick of the stupid iPhone3 camera.
  12. Keep Calm and Drink Tea mug: because I drink lots of tea and love this memorabilia
  13. Slipper booties: because my feet are always cold lately and I hate wearing socks.
  14. Born to Shop, Forced to Cook apron: because that's my housewife life.
  15. Gray/black striped sweater: because one can never own too many striped items.
  16. Silver nail polish: because it's glamorous, fun and cute.
  17. Canon 60D camera: because my DSLR is starting to get tired, and this one looks amazing.
  18. UK flag cushion: because even though I live in France, I'm still a britophile at heart.
  19. Comfy pyjama pants: because yes, sometimes I do spend my whole day in my pyjamas.
  20. Bow headband: because it's really cute and simple.
  21. Book on history of architecture: because I travel a lot and would like to have a clue what I'm actually looking at.
Someone give me the winning ticket, okay? Thanks :-)

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