Violette: I Bought (Smart Set Edition)

Before she left for France, Rose gave me a discount card she got from Smart Set. Of course I had to use it!

Here is what I bought: a tee and a skirt. Both striped. The tee is really pretty, it has lace stripes and is shorter in the front (click on the link under the picture to see it better). The skirt is very comfortable and is white and navy. Perfect for summer!

Striped lace scoop-neck t-shirt

Striped skirt

Don't you just LOVE stripes?

P.S. Thanks again Rose for your discount card!


  1. Bon choix, le style est très en vogue cette saison.

  2. Faut se méfier des lignes horizontales. Pour la jupe, ça élargit les hanches et le top ça n'avantage pas si on est ronde. Dans mon cas, ces items sont à proscrire.