Violette: I Want

So, what can a girl do when she's sick and stuck home?

Shop, of course!

Technically, I'm not really supposed to shop because I can't handle a budget and I spent too much money in the past two months. Sigh.

But still, I would love to have these items. And I just won a gift card from H&M so I can shop a little... right? Thanks again H&M! (How did I win? Follow us on twitter to find out!)

1. Swimsuit, Joe Fresh
2. Jacket, Zara
3. Bag, H&M
4. Jacket, H&M
5. Dress, H&M
6. Jacket, Joe Fresh
7. Top, Forever 21
8. Rings, H&M
9. Shoes, Joe Fresh
10. Bracelet, H&M
11. Hat, Joe Fresh


  1. J'adore le chandail à la Peter Pan, la veste militaire le chapeau soleil ! Très belle sélection! :)

  2. Ta carte est de quelle valeur? Je pense que tu vas en manquer......