Yay or Nay: Message Tees

Clockwise from top left: net-a-porter, hottopic, colette, uniqlo, oqvestir, dollboutique, my label, jane norman.

Message tees are nothing new, but they still seem to be around.

I don't own any message tee and would probably not wear most of the ones featured here, but some might be kind of cool. For example, I really like the Saturdays tee! Perfect for a casual errands day, no?

So, what do you think of message tees? Yay or nay?


  1. I'm a nay, unless it's a joke !

  2. Tasteful ones aren't too bad, I only have one, but it's really slouchy and says "will work for shoes." I don't like the trashy ones that say boyfriend out of town, kiss me I'm something etc.