Violette: Bye Bye Bangs?

Tunic Kensie, Jacket Dex, Pants H&M, Necklace Charlotte Russe

It's been a while since I wore my hair without bangs or fringe. I usually keep this look for summertime because my curly hair gets out of control. But my fringe is very long at this time- I need a haircut- and I wonder if I should let it grow, since summer is almost here. I hesitate because I prefer the look of a fringe. I think it softens the face, but gosh it's easier without.

Do you have bangs or fringe? If you have curly hair, what do you prefer?

P.S. Please take a few seconds to answer the poll on the left on the blog: do you want me to do another 30x30 this summer or not? Thank you!

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